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Fortnite Drum Gun Nerf has reappeared again

2019-05-15 20:33:11

Fortnite Drum Gun nerf appears in the latest Fortnite update.

This time we'll help you get to the bottom of what happened to Drum Gun at Fortnite, explaining why he's got nerfed. If you are interested in discovering it, read on.

Tfue & Streamers HEARTBROKEN After The PUMP SHOTGUN Gets VAULTED & "Drum Gun" NERFED!

What happened to the Drum Gun?

In Fortnite the weapons come and go, this happened to Drum Gun a while ago. But luckily and thanks to the votes of the public, the Drum Gun has returned from the vault. What has generated a controversy.

Well, in this latest update of Fortnite the Drum Gun has been changed. That's right, he has nerfed, making his statistics not as powerful as before.

The damage statistics of the Drum Gun base have had a reduction going from 26/27 to 22/23. Which indicates that it has not been as powerful as it was before the last update came to light.

Why has the Drum Gun been nerfed?

Apparently Epic Games has not been satisfied with Drum Gun, so it has been nerfed. Earlier, Epic stated that "Since he retired, the effectiveness of Drum Gun has been slightly higher than" what was wanted, implying that Drum Gun was too powerful for its own good. However, Epic expects the nerf to be so popular that it reduces the overall effectiveness of the Drum Gun.