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Final Fantasy 15: How to Make Gil Faster - Tips and tricks

2020-02-03 12:46:01

Knowing how to make Gil faster is absolutely important to advance in Final Fantasy 15, here we tell you how to do it.

In Final Fantasy 15 it's quite complicated to get enough money sources, besides, we have healing objects that are usually a bit expensive, so knowing how to make Gil faster tends to be a necessary task, pay attention to the advice we give here.

How to make Gil faster in Final Fantasy 15

The picture here is not so easy to say, because the ways to get money are a little complex, so being smart and strategist will be a fundamental tool, just some things will be the ones that can give us the money we need, because the fight against enemies will not offer us absolutely nothing, plus we will not get Gil in any of the places of the treasures, a detail that is painted uphill.

How to make Gil faster winning hunts in Final Fantasy 15?

It is important to know that we can win one hunt at a time, when we are in the beginning there is only a minimum amount of hunts available, because the rest will come after we achieve the highest level of hunter, and this offers us stars for conducting the hunts, but obviously do not leave us empty, because we will get an object that is usually interesting, as it improves us progressively in the next hunts, this is feasible, since as we advance the hunt becomes more complex.

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    The megalixirs and Mega Phoenixes are resources that we will be rewarded with and honestly it won't be long before we see them and can have them with us. The secondary missions here are quite favorable, because they offer us enough experience that we can not waste, and allow us to make the hunts are for us a fundamental source of gills, here the good thing is that all have something to contribute, even the low level are feasible, in the restaurants of the outposts we can get some list of hunts available, it's just a matter of talking to the owner, in addition, we can take a look to start with these hunts in the region of Leide, is a fairly feasible.

    How to make Gil faster working with Vyv and Holly in Final Fantasy 15?

    Before we proceed with this work it is important to know that Holly will offer us missions in chapter 8, where we find the Lestallum Power Station, Holly can really make us get money, because with her jobs we can get around 7500 gil.

    Vyv offers us much more lucrative jobs, starting with a line of missions that will offer us in chapter 3, once we have completed the tour "A walk for two", with Iris in Final Fantasy 15.  We will get Vyv in the parking lot of Lestallum, where we will get missions about taking pictures of some specific places, there we will get experience and money, with it we really get enough, because we started with 5000 gil which is a considerable number, but that's not all, since we keep increasing it up to 25000, so this is presented to us not as the best option to achieve our goal today, to know How to make Gil faster

    How do we improve our object economy in Final Fantasy 15?

    Increasing our budget in the survival of Gladiolus from the exploration network in the ascension is fundamental, because we have the option to go through 2 Happy Camper nodes to finally reach them, they will give us the possibility to double the objects that we have found with Survival after a battle, which implies that we will be supplied with Elixieres and Phoenix Downs for a long time, detail that is very relevant, because it can be quite complicated to supply them.

    It is necessary to ensure that we keep all the items we get, for prevention in case we need them in any of the updates of weapons of the Cid, because we may have with us some catalysts that we want to incorporate into our spells in elemancy. Most of the items we get are saleable, so we can sell them in case we need money fast. It should be noted that enemies can hardly drop money, but if they drop items and these are extremely feasible, as they can be sold in this way to get the money, being really few objects that can not be sold in Fial Fantasy 15.

    Now that you know how to make Gil faster, you have the comfort of walking around with more confidence and strength by Final Fantasy 15. Good luck.

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