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Fallout 76 Guide Where is Purveyor location?

2019-05-16 22:47:32

If you are a fan of Fallout 76, you are most likely looking for the Purveyor location, because with it you can appear and greet the legendary new provider that comes bundled with the Wild Appalachia update. If so, continue reading, because this time we will show you the Fallout 76 Purveyor location.

How To Find The Purveyor | Fallout 76 Guides

Fallout 76 Purveyor Legendary location

To find exactly where the legendary seller is, you should go to Berkeley Springs, when you arrive continue south until you reach the train tracks. Your goal will be to head south of Berkeley Springs, where the railroad ends.

When you get there, you should go to the disused building of Berkeley Springs Station. Only two buildings are located in the area.

- One is a small deposit very similar to a barn.
- A large white building with a broken sign for the Berkeley Springs station on its roof.

This last building is the one you should go to. Once there, go directly to the door of the building and change your Scrip for a new team.

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