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Elex 2 has arrived and for this reason we will explain how to Pick Locks.

What does picking locks involve in Elex 2?

Having the opportunity to steal locks and reach a certain number of them to win a trophy, so that knowing How to pick locks leads us to embark on a necessary task that usually has a particular pattern that we must follow to reach the objective, pick locks are just a fun minigame that we can enjoy.

How to Pick Locks in Elex 2?

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    We must bear in mind that the locks do not usually have a sweet spot, we must take care of finding a particular pattern, this is because it does not usually change and we will have to take care of forcing different chest locks as we progress in the game.

    To open the locks it is necessary to consider that:


    •  Having the lock on our screen we must find two side pins that are usually kept up.
    • To find the pins you need to go left to right through the lock or right to left from the far end.
    • When getting the pegs which makes it necessary to go left or right without stopping.
    • By getting them all to fall we will see that the pick usually breaks and we have to repeat the process from the pistons, we must bear in mind that the pattern does not usually change.


     It is necessary to take into account that it is necessary to be delicate, because the pick usually breaks in the event of making a mistake in the pattern, for our good fortune in this game there are some number of picks, but it is not the only thing, this because it is done It is necessary to take care of continuing to reload the game and opening the lock over and over again until achieving the achievement of opening the amount of 100 locks.

     Now that you know how to pick locks, it's time to get involved in this task and thus continue to progress in Elex 2.

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