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Today we will have covered in our Disintegration guide all the answers of how to play with friends precisely.

The beta version of Disintegration will arrive on January 31 and February 1, with the result that we can immerse ourselves in the game developed by V1 Interactive, which will be important to know how to play with a friend to take full advantage of the options that we will have available When playing, to know more we have the content of this guide, therefore we should only pay close attention to the explanation below.

What should we know to play with friends in Disintegration?

The first thing we must do is add our friends, the list of these we will have available in the game and we access it by simply pressing the access button to the multiplayer menu before entering to find a partner, in the PC we have to F1 it will be the button by default, but at the bottom of the screen we will be able to notice what this will be in the platform on which we are playing, following details will solve our doubts with more precision.

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    How to play with friends in Disintegration?

    Having agreed to the overlay we only have to make our selection of friends to invite, this will be sent an invitation, which will verify they are in the multiplayer menu since the party overlay, our friend has to access it and enter the invitation section, where the selection allows them access, to be ready to play, we just have to look for the couple by pressing the button, then we will choose the mode, in the beta test only the fast game mode will be possible, so let's get ready for the action we will have in this mode and combined maps.

    We hope that the detailed explanation in our guide of how to play with friends will be very useful when playing in Disintegration and increasing the entertainment.

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