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Concrete Genie: How to beat dark wind genies

2019-10-09 12:53:56

Many players of Concrete Genie, surely have concerns of how to beat dark wind genies, in this guide we will say how to do it.

Unfortunately the way to defeat the dark wind geniuses will be your headache in the game, as they become the most difficult characters to face, for this reason the concerns of how to do it, here we will give you the necessary guidance you need to know so you can beat them.

How to beat the dark wind genius in Concrete Genie?

These geniuses you will get just in the back of the fifth chapter of Concrete Genie, these characters belong to three variants of enemies that move with an impressive speed in the game compared to others, even have the ability to run and fly, making it difficult to execute bumps, this makes the way how to beat dark wind genies is more complicated.

But the most important thing about how to beat the dark wind geniuses is that we have a very easy way with which we can eliminate and claim these geniuses in Concrete Genie, but we recommend you to be very attentive in executing the correct attacks in due course. You must take into account the wind attack, with this you can take these dark wind geniuses out of the air and study them, this attack you will get after reaching a specific point in the history of the game. When using this attack you must be attentive when you fall, he will be a little stunned by the blow, it is the precise moment for him to launch fire attacks so that the health of the genius is diminished.

How to defeat the dark wind genius, as time is not so difficult if you follow these steps, then after a while this genius will be restored to flee to a part distant from the area, can do it by land or flying. If this genius aligns this piles because it will attack you but it will be easy to dodge to one side, then you must give it an electric or wind attack depending on where it is, this way you must be stunned and you must take advantage to give it the fire attacks that are possible, this is all you must do again and again until you succeed in overcoming them.

As usual thank you for being with us, we hope our guide has been of great help in Concrete Genie, now you know how to beat the geniuses of the dark wind, do not forget to use the wind attack, electrical attacks and fire blows to defeat them.

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