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Concrete Genie: How to Change Difficulty - tips and tricks

2019-10-09 12:06:11

In Concrete Genie there are times when clashes with bosses become very difficult, in this guide we will tell you how to change the difficulty.

As we already know, most of Concrete Genie refers to beauty according to Ash's imagination, even if he looks for many things for his world, usually as a game there is a great variety of enemies that we must face among them, there are always those that are very difficult to destroy, so many players merit a lower or higher difficulty mode if they find it boring, here we will read how to do it.

What a difference between the difficulty levels in Concrete Genie

It is important that you know how to change difficulty in this game, this in case you find it very difficult or very easy and you want more risks. It is important to clarify that the difficulty does not influence the puzzles or the painting sections is the same in all ways, now its change is reflected in the confrontations with Ash's enemies, this means that depending on the degree of difficulty you choose, it will depend the amount of damage you can take from your enemies, specifically in the first three parts of the game.

How to change the difficulty in Concrete Genie

If you find yourself in a battle with your enemies and everything is difficult for you, you can change the difficulty in a very simple way, first pause the game with the options button, then go to the options tab using R1, game options, once you do Click there a menu will be displayed with the difficulty options, the difficulties are: Casual, Normal and Hard, you choose the one you like and play.

This is all, as you can see it is very easy the way to change the difficulty to play Concrete Genie, we hope that our guide has been of your interest, now if you find it very easy or difficult encounters with enemies just go and change the difficulty .

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