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We hope that like us you have everything ready, because today we will tell you how to play Miko in Bleeding Edge.

Who is Miko in Bleeding Edge.

This is one of the fighters that appear in the game is a fierce woman who grew up in the Xhosa clan, has basic skills with which she can attack and defend like that of the Augmetic Staff to scare away enemies using combos, Regenerator and others more that you will like to use.
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    What are Miko's abilities in Bleeding Edge.

    Before knowing how to play Miko, we have prepared a selection of his abilities so that you know what they are and what they do:

    • Regenerator: Passive type, this ability causes personnel hits to heal a close ally with the lowest health.
    • Chain Healing: This special type ability will allow you to heal an ally and then bounce off a second target for half the amount, although you can use it both times on yourself.
    • Kinetic Shield: This skill will allow you to make use of a dome shield that blocks enemy projectiles and lightning.
    • Augmetic Personnel: This ability will allow you to drive enemies away with fluid personnel combos.
    • Evade: This ability will allow you to evade evade evade attacks in exchange for resistance.
    • Stasis: This special type will allow you to freeze the target for a short time.
    • Stalker: Super type, this ability will allow you to grant stealth to all allies as well as heal them and reveal the position of all enemies.
    • Life Force: Super-type this ability will allow you to channel powerful healing into an ally.

    How to play Miko on Bleeding Edge.

    As for the super for Miko we recommend you choose we recommend you choose the Stalker, since it allows you to do more than just heal an ally like Life Force, it also gives stealth to your companions and shows the position of the enemy.

    Miko's staff is also an excellent weapon for its damage and crowd control capabilities, perfect for example when interrupting Maeve's combos. We recommend fighting close to your team to make things much easier for you, trying to keep an eye on health levels.

      Now that you know how to play Miko in Bleeding Edge things with this character should be much easier for you, so we wish you the best of luck now that you know all the keys to this battle.

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    Xbox Game Studios
    Unreal Engine 4
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    24 March 2020
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