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Battlefield 5 : how to get Boys AT Rifle from Tides of War Chapter 3

2019-05-24 14:53:03

Boys At Rifle is the name of the new sniper rifle from Chapter 3 of Tides of War in Battlefield 5. Boys At Rifle is a pretty powerful rifle over the entire vehicle.

Boys At Rifle can be unlocked by completing the weekly challenges Tides of War is Battlefield 5. It won't be easy the challenges of Tides of War is Battlefield 5 for this week will demand a bit of effort and care, but for the Boys At Rifle rifle worth it.

BOYS AT RIFLE! gameplay and info - Battlefield V

How to get Boys AT Rifle in Battlefield V

It possesses a decent hip fire accuracy capable of killing an enemy with a shot 100 meters away, is capable of almost finishing light armor with a single shot, it's also capable of killing tanks if you know how to aim for weak points .

But you don't necessarily have to complete the challenges in a week to unlock the new sniper rifle, but you can also do it later with Company Coins.

Anyway, we will leave a list with all the challenges below:

Commandeered: 10,000 Chapter XP.

As a squad, earn 1000 points using civilian vehicles (Firestorm) or towable weapons (MP).

Let the sun come in - 10,000 Chapter XP (Fire Storm).

As a squadron, open a vehicle lock in Fire Storm.

Fireworks - 10,000 XP Chapter (Fire Storm).

Deals 300 damage with explosives in Fire Storm.

Firepower Kill: 4.500 Chapter XP.

Disable the turret of 1 enemy tank.

Mobility Kill: 4.500 Chapter XP.

Disable the engine of 1 enemy tank.

All Guns Forward - 10,000 Chapter XP.

As a squad, kill 5 enemies with vehicles or stationary weapons in Fire Storm.

Catastrophic Kill -10,000 Chapter XP.
Destroy 1 enemy tank.
Give me something good - 4,500 Chapter XP.
As a squadron, call in 1 vehicle reinforcements in Fire Storm.
High Horse - 25,000 Chapter XP.
Capture 3 targets or replenish points while you are in a vehicle.
Lunar Shot - 10,000 Chapter XP.
Destroy an enemy plane with an AT, Panzerfaust or PIAT cannon.
Large machines: 25,000 Chapter XP.
As a squad, get 3000 points using vehicles or stationary weapons.
(Optional) Mission Kill - 10,000 Chapter XP.

Inflict 5 Part Disables in enemy vehicles using the Boys AT rifle.