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Anthem Cataclysm: How to Complete All Arenas - puzzle guide

2019-08-11 14:22:28

This guide aims to solve how to Complete All Arenas found in Anthem Cataclysm.

First of all, it must be said that an expansion has finally arrived after launching the game Anthem Cataclysm, where we are entrusted with a new mission that is called the oncoming storm and it only takes a couple of weeks which takes us to think that new material to explore is included and for this it has new elements that appear reflected what the world of Bastion shows us and with it to be able to Complete All Arenas that are available in Anthem Cataclysm, and even recent equipment where they will be located the sands of the map and not only that but it also brings riddles what it does makes us more interesting so that there are adversaries that must be eliminated, another favorable aspect is that it can be played individually or as a team and we are made Easier Complete All Arenas of the game.

Why Complete All Arenas in Anthem Cataclysm?

In fact, seven arenas are available and each of them has a strategy, for example, the Eye of Magnus is located first, so it is the main point to Complete All Arenas and is located in the heart of the map, to get it first It must stabilize the sheets that surround it and as it presents a bit of difficulty the sand will throw us adversaries in moderately followed groups and another problem we get is that the sheets will not be stabilized for a long time, so it would be ideal to work as a team once We have started getting one of our members to `` walk over the plates and be able to keep them in control while the other team members beat the opponents until they reach the main head called fury and eliminate it there is also another issue with the that must be dealt with and is that if the sheets can be kept stable as quickly as they appear another adversary called Valkyrie, a little annoying but that give an excellent reward where we can get points needed once we culminated the event and we step forward struggling to complete all arenas of Anthem Cataclysm.

At the end of the previous event we find Britaheim Event, this arena is located northeast of the map and is covered by a glass barrier that makes it look striking, for this the players must be cunning and grab all the possible echoes before this barrier manages to be lowered, four echoes must really be achieved, they will be sufficient and the most ideal to achieve them is through teamwork, when we have already achieved this objective it must be accessed along the underwater tunnel and left there in some devices that are They are located on these sides and back again to continue, on the other hand it is important to keep in mind that this event cannot be done alone, because it has many elements thanks to the storm, so it is essential to be able to teleport to the pressure plate and be able to protect the echo because every time you manage to cross the plate she generates a shield that makes and our echo is unprotected, since the other javelins are not fast, so joint work is vital and thus be able to Complete All Arenas gradually in Anthem Cataclysm.

Other of the arenas that we can see in Anthem Cataclysm is the Forge of Casja that is presented to us great because it is the one that serves to silence the relic that has four elements that are scattered in a place that is closed and as everything should present a difficulty, in this case we will find barriers that end with the pieces and in passing some of these doors contain cooling clocks, on the other hand other doors are released when flying and to get these barriers removed it is necessary to fly and return to the same place where it was possible to enter at the beginning it will be able to release it and obviously when the glass is released it is totally exposed and with this it is possible to damage that will be the culminating step for the mission and thus be able to obtain another element fundamental to Complete All Arenas in the game.

Another objective that you should grab in Anthem Cataclysm is the Kelrik castle, another event that is part to be able to Complete All Arenas of the game and a space on the map where it is possible to acquire relics and be able to gather them all, one when it is easier because they can gather all and they are necessary to be able to open all the obstacles that we find around the place, you must take into account the doors because they are of vital importance to place the relics that are essential to use in Anthem Cataclysm, this way you will have to do a couple of times when you manage to place the 4 relics on the pedestals they will cause the shield to fall and being down will simply expose the glass and thereby fulfill the objective of the mission that helps complete all arenas of the game and move forward.

On the other hand there is an arena called landing of target and it is available to get it in Anthem Cataclysm, she in itself her essential objective is the fight and the players will aim to separate the dominion waves and with that they will be able to see the rift master , this is an objective that must be eliminated because it is a character that is responsible for providing protection to the glass in Anthem Cataclysm.

The last sand that must be acquired is a waterfall available is the map of Anthem Cataclysm, the latter is named after the sea of ​​Takaro and also has a number of obstacles that have the function of eliminating the echoes, it is necessary that you collect three elements that are reflected and placed on the pressure plates, this makes the obstacles lower, it is good to do this in a team and avoid running so you must eliminate as many adversaries as possible and be aware that you should not cross the yellow lines since they will eliminate the objects you contain in the game to finish completing all the sands of Anthem Cataclysm.

Why is number 7 important when completing all the sands of Anthem Catraclysm

The last available sand in Anthem Cataclysm is called Astrid's Crucible and she will not be able to look for it alone, because it has many faults, for her it is also vital to get 4 echoes and that these are placed on the pressure plate to take them through the tunnel but as you will see it is somewhat more complex because they must shoot at the barriers and eliminate them, you must grab the glass and place it outside the obstacle, you must use a different partner for each of the devices once you have shot against the obstacles that keep the 4 Echoes needed, the fifth player grabs the last echo that will serve to control the obstacle and that the other members of the team manage to pass without any problem from one side to the other with this you manage to complete a part and then you must place the pressure plates each player with a plate and with that you manage to make the final device visible, once it appears another device that serves as a trol you must keep in touch with him and this will make the crystal visible and finally be able to complete all arenas available in the Anthem Cataclysm game.

We hope that our article has been useful, although there are still unfinished details to develop and for this we must expect that the creators of Anthem Cataclysm bring us, because it would be interesting more similar objectives to complete all arenas of the game that are really interesting.

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