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Afterparty: How to Get the Asmodeus Seal

2019-10-29 08:46:51

In this Afterparty guide we will tell you how you can get the Asmodeus seal.

Asmodeus is simply a demon of the underworld who is willing to get everything that causes him, and now more since he has divorced, he has therefore chosen to participate in this party where dancing, loving and eating are the main objective.

How can we get the Asmodeus seal in Afterparty?

The first thing that is important to keep in mind is that Asmodeus is celebrating at a Skoll dance club in Thrall City, thus celebrating the problems he has, as this has challenged Lola and Milo to fight against the Monarchs, this is simply an option for the competition

To get to where Asmodeus is we have to go to the elevator and move to the left, enter through another entrance, since skoll is on the right side, our demon is in the bar in front of the dance floor one floor below, at To get to where he is, we will talk, he will tell us that if we want to get his seal we must beat him in a dance competition.

To participate in the dance competition, it is necessary to go to where the DJ is, there we must register, and only return when the competition starts, for this we will execute a game similar to that of Simón Says, there we will click on the instructions that are shining , because the point is to be able to copy the movements that Asmodeus performs.

How to defeat Asmodeus to get the seal in Afterparty?

The first thing we will do to find Beth, this is the ex-wife of Asmodeus, upon entering she lands her head, we talk with her a little, there we know that she does not want anything with her ex-husband, who is drinking at the bar in the bar to the left, there we will have to follow his friends in the bar, we talk a little with them, and they will tell us some interesting details about them, because they will tell us things like that Beth always gets happy when he hears the song of Asmodeus.

After knowing these details, it is time to go to the jukebox and select the happy song, Beth interferes and comments that she wants to see her husband, so we must take her to the bar, since when Asmodeus arrived she would take it as a surprise, that's where he asks us to launch a competition and in return he will grant us his Asmodeus seal, here there is really nothing to do in particular, not even play and finally goal accomplished.

We hope our guide will be useful and know how to get the Asmodeus seal in Afterparty, really a not very complex job.

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