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'Halo' maybe this on television

2019-02-25 23:10:30

Soon we could see Halo on television and it is possible that on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Although we really do not know what ideas or projects Microsoft has for the future, one thing we are sure of is that the more data is accumulated, it gives us an idea of how big the changes could be for the Xbox.

We've got some details about the upcoming Halo TV series on Showtime. And although it is the largest brand of Xbox, Halo has not made it easy to move to other media. District 9 of Neill Blomkamp is based on the ruins of his own failed project, Halo with Peter Jackson.

But the Halo television series remains a reality, and is that after firing his former director Rupert Wyatt Showtime, it was announced that the new director and executive producer would Otto Bathurst who came to direct several chapters of Peaky Blinders and Black Mirror , including the Robin Hood disaster in 2018.

The first season, which will feature 9 episodes, will begin production in June in Hungary.

But what blows our heads is the idea of ​​playing Halo on the Nintendo Switch, can you imagine it? This could really happen according to very firm rumors. A few days ago it became known that Microsoft was preparing to launch Xbox Live support on Switch as soon as GDC next month. Microsoft could also launch the Netflix Game Pass subscription to the Switch, which is available on Xbox and PC.
The Xbox Game Pass in conjunction with Project xCloud from Microsoft, could make Nintendo Switch users pass the largest and most powerful games for the tablet-type console, which would allow games like Forza, Gears of War, Crackdown including Halo to be achieved: Infinite.

Game Pass would also allow access to Microsoft games on the Switch.

From Halo in Nintendo DS, a possible union of forces between Microsoft and Nintendo has gained strength, where they would not have to worry about many things really, because we would all win, especially as users and fans of both companies.