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The action at NBA 2K22 doesn't stop, which leads us to tell you which agent to choose.

What to know about NBA 2K22?

Progress in our career comes to depend on something necessary as an agent, this is because the access to the NBA comes to be through them, then it is something that has to be chosen with caution on draft day, then considering the existence of a couple we have to solve Which agent to choose and in following content will be the details.

Which agent to choose in NBA 2K22?

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    Looking then Which agent to choose we have that the options are Berry & Associates or Palmer Athletics Agency, according to our choice will depend on what we seek throughout our career, certainly it should be noted that in NBA 2K22 none of the options is disposable, with either it is possible to reach the NBA with our character, But there are some differences to consider, in the case of Palmer we have that the focus is to become the best player of the lida, achieving with this access to offers of shoes and many things, which requires a great performance on the court, being actually a traditional path really.

     In the case of Berry & Associates we have that it goes more towards the personal, its focus is on fashion, music and making money without mattering to be the best on the court, then our choice is our own, with these details it should be noted that both lead us to the NBA, based on the choices we will get to any team, the difference between the two agents is in the personal brand and Palmer has a greater focus on seriousness.

    This way we finish our NBA 2K22 guide, now you know which agent to choose, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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