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If you came to this article is because you are wondering how to kill Egor in Deathloop, and that's what we will tell you today.

Why kill Egor in Deathloop?

After participating in the opening tutorial section, you will be able to face the Visionaries kill, and it is advisable to kill Egor at the beginning because his Aether Slab is quite important.

How to kill Egor in Deathloop?

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    Egor is an easy target to kill, since most of the Complex is empty at night when he is there. Although he sets several mines, traps and sentry turrets which you can easily deactivate.

    You can dodge his attacks to get behind him and kill him stealthily.

    Then you will get the Aether Slab, which gives you invisibility.

    "After reading this guide on how to kill Egor in Deathloop, we hope you can destroy Egor and get the useful Aether Slab.

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