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We invite you to discover How to use Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story, a new task.

What to know about the delicious cookie in My Hotpot Story?

It is one of the important resources in the game for the expansion of the restaurant, which allows us to improve the decoration and the dishes, so we need to be aware of what use we will give to the delicious cookie and to help us is the content to present this guide below, let's see.

How to use Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story?

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    At the beginning we will be limited, while when we have clients in our restaurant we will be able to update a series of aspects for our business, while by updating and expanding the menu we will have better ratings for our restaurant, which helps to have more clients, and they will spend money that we will use in the necessary improvements, we will increase our rank according to the dishes we make, being the delicious cookie the key in this, achieving increases in the level of inspiration and helping the chef in the creation of an improved dish, we will take our level to the maximum with this cookie, its availability will be in the store as part of a package that we will buy with real money or in the lottery that is updated every 24 hours, the profits from our restaurant will serve the same purpose.

    Now that we know how to use Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story, we just have to follow the instructions to get it.

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