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We welcome you to our explanatory guide where we will talk to you about How to complete Union Story mission in MW3 Zombies with details.

What to know about the Union Story mission in MW3 Zombies?

To start the mission, we must activate it in the mode's combat missions menu before entering Urzykstan and heading to the Rift located in E4. Like other story missions, let's make sure you are fully equipped with three-plate armor and a Pack-A-Punched weapon of at least level 2. The mission gate is located in the area with the highest threat level, Now to know How to complete Union Story mission in MW3 Zombies we have this guide with the following content, let's see it.

How to complete Union Story mission in MW3 Zombies?

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After entering the Rift located at point E4 on the Urzikstan map, marked by the Alliance marker, we must enter the Dark Aether and begin completing the story mission objectives. We follow Ravenov until we find Dr. Jansen, who goes into the ethereal clouds. Two balls marked with yellow markers will appear in different locations on the map; we have to find them. When the spheres are destroyed, they become crystals; Look at us hitting the interact button when we're in front of them. Then a thread will appear on the glass; To weaken them, we will need to find symbols located on nearby buildings. Let's make sure to shoot them in the exact order they appear in Krystal's sequence. If we do this correctly, each crystal will turn red, allowing us to break them by shooting. To break the crystals, we must shoot each symbol in the order in which they appear. After breaking both crystals, we return to Ravenova's location and wait for the three Seals to open. We activate by interacting and then kill the nearby zombies until we reach the required number. When the fourth seal is activated, the Taoxia boss will appear along with a group of level 2 zombies.

How to defeat Taoxia and rewards

To defeat Taoxia in the MW3 Zombies Union mission, we must aim for the boss's head. Although this is not a difficult task, it is the easiest way to kill Taoxia. During this process, Toaxia will create Mimic and Mangler, making her immune to damage until she kills them. By defeating Taoxia, we will receive a reward containing the item "Custom Giraffe Toy Relic" for the Dark Aether Rift Season 3 Reboot Easter Egg. To complete the Alliance mission, escort Dr. Jansen to the exit rift and we escape the Dark Aether. This will trigger the new "Reboot Part 3" scene.

In conclusion, knowing How to complete Union Story mission in MW3 Zombies allows us to make progress in another of the interesting missions that the game presents to us to overcome.

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