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We invite you to discover in this guide How to upgrade weapons in Mullet Mad Jack, a new task.

What to know about weapons in Mullet Mad Jack?

The weapon we choose can make a big difference and iproving it is important. It's a fast-paced game, so learning how to upgrade our weapons can be a challenge. This guide can make things easier for us on How to upgrade weapons in Mullet Mad Jack and for this the following content.

How to upgrade weapons in Mullet Mad Jack?

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To power up our weapon, we must obtain permanent power at the end of each level. There are generally three options to choose from. Two of them will be additional items, such as an item that we can take with us on our next escape and an item that can be a weapon upgrade. So if we want to upgrade a specific weapon skill, we simply select the upgrade option if it is offered at the end of the level we are on.

Use upgraded weapons

If we select this option, we will not be able to receive updates in the first place. Instead, we complete the level as usual. When we reach the level checkpoint, items and weapons will appear that we can use throughout the level. It looks like the weapon we used in the previous run has been upgraded and can appear at any of these checkpoints.

For example, in the first race we carried a shotgun. We choose to upgrade the level 2 weapon and complete the level normally. At the second checkpoint, we get a double barrel shotgun, which is a level two weapon. Getting these upgrades is important as we progress through more difficult levels. Not only are they more powerful, but they also work differently depending on the upgrade level. If we use our weapons early enough, the whole game will be much easier. Weapons and weapon upgrades would not be complete without the items we choose when we play.

This is all we need to know about How to upgrade weapons in Mullet Mad Jack, you just have to apply the instructions to get the most out of these possibilities that the game offers us.

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