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Discover How to Get Free Shovels in Monopoly GO Spring Treasures. Unlock hidden strategies and tips on our website today!

Monopoly GO Spring Treasures is a popular mobile game that puts a modern twist on the classic board game, Monopoly. In this digital version, players can travel around the board, purchase properties, and collect rent, just like in the traditional game. However, what sets Monopoly GO Spring Treasures apart is its added feature of Spring Treasures, which are collectible items that can be used to unlock special bonuses and rewards.

How to Get Free Shovels in Monopoly GO Spring Treasures

 Complete Daily Tasks and Challenges

The first and easiest way to get free shovels in Monopoly GO Spring Treasures is by completing daily tasks and challenges. These tasks and challenges are updated daily and can range from something as simple as rolling the dice a certain number of times to winning a specific number of games. By completing these tasks and challenges, players can earn in-game currency, which can then be used to purchase shovels.

 Spin the Lucky Wheel

Another way How to Get Free Shovels in Monopoly GO Spring Treasures. This feature can be found in the game's main menu and can be spun once every 24 hours. The Lucky Wheel offers various rewards, including shovels. Players can also earn additional spins by watching ads or completing offers. So make sure to spin the wheel every day to increase your chances of getting a free shovel.

Participate in Events

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Monopoly GO Spring Treasures hosts various events from time to time, and participating in these events can also earn players free shovels. These events can range from playing a certain number of games to completing a specific task. By actively participating in events, players can not only earn shovels but also other valuable in-game items.

 Invite Friends to Play

The game also offers a referral program, where players can invite their friends to play Monopoly GO Spring Treasures. For every friend that joins and plays the game, players can receive free shovels. This is a great way to not only get shovels but also have more friends to play the game with.

Connect with Social Media

Another way to get free shovels in the game is by connecting with social media. Players can link their Facebook or Twitter accounts to the game and earn free shovels as a reward. This is a simple and easy way to get shovels without having to spend any real money.

In conclusion, How to Get Free Shovels in Monopoly GO Spring Treasures, there are various ways to get them for free. By completing daily tasks and challenges, spinning the Lucky Wheel, participating in events, inviting friends, and connecting with social media, players can earn shovels without having to spend any real money. So make sure to use these tips and tricks to your advantage and collect as many shovels as you can to increase your chances of winning in the game.

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