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Master the art of How to Kill 20 Mercenaries with Aether Shroud Active in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

Welcome, fellow gamers! Are you ready to take your gaming skills to the next level and dominate the world of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies? In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to efficiently eliminate 20 mercenaries with the Aether Shroud field upgrade active. With these tips and strategies, you'll be able to complete the mission successfully and become a true gaming legend. Let's dive right in!

How to Kill 20 Mercenaries with Aether Shroud Active in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Unlocking the Aether Shroud:

To acquire the Aether Shroud field upgrade, you'll need to reach level 39 in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Once you have achieved this milestone, make sure to equip it in your loadout before starting the match. The Aether Shroud is a powerful ability that grants you temporary invisibility for up to 5 seconds, allowing you to gain a significant advantage over your enemies.

Zombie Elimination Techniques:

Before we dive into the specifics of eliminating mercenaries, let's first discuss some effective strategies for taking down zombies. These techniques will serve as the foundation for your success:

  • Round Up Zone 1 Zombies: When facing a group of zombies, try to gather them together in a tight area. This strategy allows you to maximize the impact of your attacks and take down multiple zombies with a single blow.
  • Sentry Gun Support: If available, deploy a sentry gun in strategic locations to mow down approaching hordes of undead. This automated weapon will provide you with much-needed support, giving you time to focus on other objectives.

Activating Aether Shroud:

Now that you understand the basics of zombie elimination, let's discuss the proper usage of the Aether Shroud field upgrade. Timing is crucial when using this ability. It is recommended to activate the Aether Shroud just before engaging the zombies, ensuring maximum effectiveness. However, be mindful of its cooldown period between each use. Learning to manage the cooldown effectively will give you an edge in combat situations.

Taking Care of 100 Zombies:

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To successfully complete this mission, you'll need to eliminate a total of 100 zombies. Utilize the strategies mentioned earlier, and remember to use the Aether Shroud whenever necessary for tactical advantages. As you progress through the mission, be sure to keep track of the number of zombies you have eliminated to stay on target.

Mercenary Elimination Strategies:

Now, let's focus on the main objective – taking down 20 mercenaries with the Aether Shroud active. Dealing with mercenaries requires a different approach from zombies. Follow these steps to ensure your success:
  • Locate Mercenary Camps or Strongholds: Before engaging the mercenaries, you must first find their hideouts. These camps or strongholds are typically well-guarded and may require a keycard for entry. Scout the area and plan your approach accordingly.
  • Infiltrate Their Hideout: Once you have located the mercenary stronghold, it's time to put your stealth skills to the test. Sneak into their hideout and remain undetected as much as possible. Utilize cover, crouch, and move silently to avoid alerting the mercenaries.
  • Apply Zombie Killing Techniques: Once inside the stronghold, use the same tactics mentioned earlier to eliminate mercenaries swiftly. Round up groups of enemies, utilize explosives, and make use of any available sentry guns to gain the upper hand.
  • Maintain Cooldown Awareness: Remember the cooldown period between each use of the Aether Shroud. Timing is crucial when dealing with mercenaries. Activate the Aether Shroud at the right moment to confuse and disorient your enemies, allowing you to eliminate them efficiently.

Mission Completion:

By downing 20 mercenaries using the Aether Shroud, you will successfully complete the mission and achieve an impressive feat. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement! Your dedication and skill have paid off, proving that you are a force to be reckoned with in the world of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

With these friendly tips and a positive approach, you are now equipped with the knowledge to take down 20 mercenaries with the Aether Shroud active in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Remember to strategize, time your actions wisely, and stay focused on your objective. This mission will test your stealth, combat, and decision-making skills, but with practice and perseverance, you will emerge victorious. Good luck, and have a blast gaming!

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