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2021-11-30 08:56:59

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Today we bring you a MIR4 guide in order to explain how to fix not working.

Why doesn't MIR4 work?

Sometimes games tend to bring certain drawbacks and this can be quite annoying, especially since we are talking about a game that has been released for a very short time and often has bugs related to optimization, this makes it a frustrating issue. Because there are some bugs that do not allow access to this game as such, however, we recommend you not to despair, so that knowing How to solve that it does not work offers us an answer to this problem and to give you details about it, we are here.

How to fix MIR4 not working?

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It is good to keep in mind that this game has a good number of players who have opted to play it, however, they tend to be receiving various problems that do not allow them to enjoy the game as such, and it is usually shown as a kind of blockage, in this sense, it is necessary:

  • Start Steam and proceed to find MIR4 in the list of games.
  • Next, we must click with the right mouse button on the game icon.
  • Then we must go to the Manage tab and click the Browse local files button.
  • When the game folder is opened, it is necessary to take care of navigating to the next MrMobile / Binaries / Win64 folder.
  • Next, we right-click on the game file called Mir 4S, and we take care of opening the Properties menu.
  • We must open the Compatibility tab and choose to run the program in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
  • We proceed to activate the option Disable full screen optimization and choose to run this program as administrator.
  • Then we must open the Properties menu of the game's ST_loader file and choose to activate the option Run this program as administrator.

In this sense, knowing How to fix not working offers us the opportunity to get involved in applying this solution and thus enjoy MIR4 with peace of mind.

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