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Microsoft releases Xbox New Tab extension for gamers

2020-03-31 10:04:48

 Since you’re working from home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could sneak peek into your favorite Twitch streams when switching between tabs?

 Since you’re working from home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could sneak peek into your favorite Twitch streams when switching between tabs? Enhance your web browser experience with the Xbox New Tab extension, created by Microsoft for your inner gamer! A little fun didn’t hurt anybody, right?

 Of course, this browser extension isn’t the most productive feature you can get, but rather a quick way to stay up-to-date with the latest gaming news. If you’re looking for more lucrative ways to spend your spare time, on this website you can find great deals for games released by industry-leading software providers.

 The Xbox New tab extension is loaded with some interesting features:

  •  Access to the top streamers on Mixer and Twitch;
  •  Exclusive HD images from your favorite games;
  •  Access to the latest Xbox news and wallpapers;
  •  Quick links to social media and Youtube;
  •  Game-specific content based on your selected theme.

 Interestingly enough, the featured streams are linked to Twitch, but there is also a shortcut to Mixer, a streaming service owned by Microsoft. This extension is still in its early stages, being at version, but expect to see some serious updates in the near future through which new features will be added and probably more customization capability. A nice addition would be adding your favorite streams to the dashboard and removing some of the pinned direct links. Another interesting functionality Microsoft is working towards is the ability to connect your Xbox console directly to your browser which will help you stay in touch with your gaming friends at all times.

 You can easily personalize your new tab design and add themes from your favorite console games:

  •  Sea of Thieves;
  •  State of Decay 2;
  •  Forza Horizon 4;
  •  Wasteland 3;
  •  Gears 5;
  •  Bleeding Edge;
  •  Ori and the Will of The Wisps;
  •  Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition;
  •  Battletoads;
  •  The Outer Worlds;
  •  Xbox Battle Pass.

 Additionally, you can earn points for playing games on your Xbox One when you join Microsoft Rewards, which can be redeemed for gift cards, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, and others. Microsoft has not yet stated how the New Tab extension will connect to the Rewards system, but they will for sure come with a crafty way through which gamers can earn rewards by surfing the web or watching live streams.

 This new extension requires you to allow permission to read and change all your data on websites you visit, which may sound more intimidating than they actually are. In reality, it is the standard for extensions to require permission to display notifications, communicate with websites and read your browsing history. From our experience, you won’t get any pop-ups from the Xbox New Tab extension, so you can rest assured that this app is secure and won’t interfere with your browsing activity.

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