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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-19 08:23:31

Guide to learn how to control speed in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Speed is essential to maintain a safe and adequate flight in addition to this there are several ways in which you can increase your speed in the game and in this guide we will teach you everything you need for this.

How to control the speed in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

The throttle can be adjusted in the 0 percent - 100 percent positions. The higher you put the throttle, the faster you can go. (Also depending on other factors). Throttle tuning is done differently depending on the control scheme you are using.

Increase and decrease throttle with controller

The A and B buttons on the Xbox controller work to increase and decrease the throttle, which will increase and decrease speed.

Increase and decrease the throttle with the keyboard

You can increase and decrease the throttle by pressing the F1 and F2 buttons on the keyboard.

Manually increasing and decreasing the throttle with the mouse

If you want you can interact with the levers and other options from the first person point of view using the mouse. Find the throttle and press and hold the mouse button to adjust the throttle to the desired level.

Accelerating is a good way to increase and decrease speed, but it is not the only way. Depending on your position in the air or on the ground, it may be easier to tilt the nose of the aircraft up and down to increase or decrease speed.

Launching the plane lower can increase your speed, while going up in altitude is also a good way to slow down.

Now that you know how to control the speed in Microsoft Flight Simulator you will be able to have more control of them and improve your flying skills in it. Luck!

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