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Guide to learn how to change the difficulty in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The largest flight simulation game allows you the experience of taking command of any flight around the world with endless options to improve the experience. Something that is important to note is that flying in this game is so realistic that there is no doubt that even the most skilled players will find it difficult to fly airplanes without help. This time we will teach you how to change the difficulty, in case you want a challenge while playing at a higher level of precision, we will teach you all this in this guide.

How to change the difficulty in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

To access the support options in Microsoft Flight Simulator, click Options in the Welcome Menu or ESC during flight. Once here, you will see a section called "Support".
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Once inside, you can select from a host of different options to help you navigate with help. In total, there are 33 options in six categories: Piloting, Aircraft Systems, Faults and Damage, Navigation Aids, Notification, and User Experience.

Each area is self-explanatory and you can adjust them individually according to whatever is having a problem. As with real pilots, you will need to do some testing before you have an idea of what you need help with and what you don't.

Once you've gotten a little help, you're well on your way to flying without training wheels in no time.

  Now that you know how to change the difficulty in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can set yourself a real challenge by modifying the difficulty level of the game, it can be a great experience like a headache if you don't have much experience in the game. Luck!

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