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One of the most necessary tasks in UFC 4 is to know how to grapple and here we are going to teach it.

What does UFC 4 bring us?

Much more action, experienced fighters and especially because it is vital to learn to dominate our opponents, counting on the fact that there are some interesting changes in relation to other previous deliveries based on the grip mechanics, as this plays a fundamental role when fighting especially when we are in some online matches.

How to grapple in UFC 4?

It is necessary to consider the simplest characteristics starting from:

Have assistance in the grip.

Here it is possible to have the grip HUD that is simply directly involved with the new mechanics of this game, thus making it easier for us to perform some movements, and it is even possible to choose the Hybrid option to deactivate it.This assistance has the possibility to execute movements such as:

  • Get up.
  • Hit.
  • Submit.
  • Floor.
  • Know how to grab.

Fighting with opponents is simply interesting, it is part of our work on these sides, to grab it is only necessary to hug or take our opponent to the mat by pressing L2 and Square on PS4. Now to execute the grip it is necessary to press R1 and Square or simply R1 and Triangle, which makes this a task that can be executed quickly and without major inconveniences.

Defend the grip.

One of the necessary tasks to know how to fight simply involves the possibility of defending the grip, this means that it is necessary to keep the head moving and get up, a task that can be performed with the right analog stick and proceed to get up with the analog stick. left, this usually occurs when other players can get to grab us in a fight which simply leads us to defend our position.

Have controlled resistance.

The possibility of maintaining good or high resistance simply allows us to react more quickly, and thus always opt for the advantage, since resistance is simply a fundamental part of the fight, since having it low is simply not viable because they will be the opponents who submit us.

This is all you need to know about How to grapple, as it is definitely a fairly straightforward task in UFC 4.

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