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2022-03-02 19:19:05

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Martha is Dead was released a week ago so it is important that you know how to open Martha's trinket box, so pay attention.

What is Martha's trinket box in Martha is Dead?

This is one of the first mysteries you'll encounter in the game, and it will help you illuminate some key details of the story. The problem is when it comes to opening this box, as they require a key that you will have to find.

How to open Martha's trinket box in Martha is Dead?

The day after Guilia's first nightmare, you will find yourself saying goodbye in the girls' bathroom and here you can find a trinket box, made of brown wood, this is the box in question and it will be on your side of the room in the corner.

The box is locked, but in the room there will be a key inside the bag next to Guilia's room, but this key will only work with Guilia's box.

The key to the item box can be found if you advance in the game until you complete the quest where you hit the Lady in White. After that you will see a cutscene and wake up in the bathtub with the key in your hand.

That's all you need to know about how to open Martha's trinket box in Martha is Dead, so now that we've reached the end you're more than ready to access this trinket box a whole lot faster.

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