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Edelmira Leon
2022-02-18 14:19:52

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In case you don't know where to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Battlebound Plains in Lost Ark here you can find everything you need to know.

What are Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

It is an element of great importance in the game, since you will have to find it in order to complete the areas of the game. So you must also find the seeds that are in the Battlebound Plains.

Where to find all the  Mokoko Seeds in Battlebound Plains in Lost Ark?

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The seeds in this area can be found very easily because they are found in the foliage, the difficulty is in the amount of space to travel to find them, since the map is quite large and only has 7 seeds.

The good thing is that none of the seeds are in the corridor that runs from south to north through the middle of the map, where the battle with King Thirain takes place.

  That's all you need to know about where to find all the  Mokoko Seeds in Battlebound Plains in Lost Ark, so now that you have everything you need, we hope you'll quickly find all the seeds in this area.

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