2021-02-10 09:16:39

We have made for you a Little Nightmares II guide where we are going to explain how to solve the chess puzzle, let's see.

What is the chess puzzle in Little Nightmares II?

 This is simply a necessary task that we need to solve, because thanks to this it is possible to choose a key that is important because it helps us to open a door on the first floor, it should be noted that this puzzle can be somewhat complex, and it does not exist any possibility of letting him pass, in addition it appears to us quite quickly in the game since we are only in chapter 2 specifically at the school level.

How to solve the chess puzzle in Little Nightmares II?

 Our work begins avoiding the chess game that is in the room and this allows us to walk to the right where it is possible to see a projector screen, here we can see an eye drawn on it, it is very striking thanks to its enormous size, it is necessary to choose to jump proceed to grab the handle at the bottom in order to release it because this allows us to discover that behind it there is simply a wall, it contains a drawing made with chalk and is that of a replica of the chess game, Well, with this in mind we are allowed to get and place the correct covers for each piece and thereby activate the puzzle in the second phase.
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