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Master the game and Where to Find All Golden Ball in Like a Dragon Gaiden with our ultimate guide.

In the game Like a Dragon Gaiden, there are seven Golden Balls that players can find or obtain. Some of these balls can be purchased, while others require certain achievements or missions. In this guide, we will outline the locations and methods to acquire all seven Golden Balls. So, let's get started!

Where to Find All Golden Ball in Like a Dragon Gaiden

 The First Golden Ball

  • Location: Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori
  • Price: 77,777 Yen
  • Details: The first Golden Ball can be found at Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori. This is a store that you should keep an eye out for when roaming around Sotenbori. Once you find the store, you can purchase the first Golden Ball for 77,777 Yen. This might seem like a hefty price, but trust me, it's worth it!

The Second Golden Ball

  • Location: Kiss Shot Billiards and Bar
  • Requirements: Earn 777 points from matches and challenges
  • Details: To obtain the second Golden Ball, you will need to play matches and complete challenges at Kiss Shot Billiards and Bar. The objective is to accumulate 777 points. It might take some time and effort, but once you have enough points, make your way to the bar and purchase the second Golden Ball.

 The Third Golden Ball

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  • Location: Akane Shop (via Akane Network after upgrading)
  • Details: The third Golden Ball can be acquired through the Akane Shop. However, to gain access to this shop, you need to upgrade your Akane Shop and unlock the Akane Network. Once you have done that, you can conveniently buy the third Golden Ball from the shop. This upgrade will not only help you in obtaining the Golden Ball but also provide additional benefits in the game.

 The Fourth Golden Ball

  • Location: Coliseum (Fighter's Lounge)
  • Requirements: Reach Silver rank in Coliseum battles
  • Details: The fourth Golden Ball is located in the Fighter's Lounge within the Coliseum. However, you need to prove your worth and reach the Silver rank in Coliseum battles before you can obtain it. This means you will need to participate in battles and show off your combat skills until you achieve the required rank. Once you reach Silver, head to the Fighter's Lounge to find the fourth Golden Ball waiting for you.

 The Fifth and Sixth Golden Balls

  • Location: Tied to specific Stroll 'n Patrol missions
  • Details: The fifth and sixth Golden Balls are connected to specific Stroll 'n Patrol missions. These missions might be a bit more challenging, but completing them diligently will allow you to uncover these elusive balls. Keep an eye out for any hints or clues within the game that might guide you to these missions. Once you find them, make sure to complete them to collect the fifth and sixth Golden Balls.

Now that you know where to find all seven Golden Balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden, you can embark on your quest to collect them. Whether it's through purchasing, achieving certain ranks, or completing missions, these Golden Balls will add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience. Remember, the journey to collect all the Golden Balls might not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. Enjoy the game and happy hunting!

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