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2020-09-09 11:57:17

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There are many players who still do not know how to get more inventory size in Kingdoms of Amalur, so we prepared this article by teaching them.

What is Kingdoms of Amalur about.

This is the Re-Reckoning version of the video game that was originally released in 2012, in this sense and taking into account that there is little left for its release and that not all players know how to increase the size of inventory, we prepared an article answering them how do what.

How to get more inventory size in Kingdoms of Amalur.

In order to increase the size of your inventory you will have to buy backpacks, which will allow you to expand the amount of items that you can carry in the inventory over the initial 70, keep in mind that each backpack increases the space from 10 to 10.

To buy them you will have to go directly to the specific merchants in Amalur and be prepared for the following prices depending on the backpack you are looking for:

  • Wil Donall, Scholia Arcana, Rathir (Upper Town), for 9,375G
  • Ampelio, Idylla Market, Idylla, for 6,250G.
  • Rikka Egest, The Corner Shop, Gorhart Village, for 7,500 G.
  • Illyn Doldran, Mel Senshir - 8,750G.
  • Riona Helt, Asker’s Alley, Ysa, for 7,200G (You must first complete the main mission "Old Friends, New Enemy").
  • Senecer Macit, Domus Politica, Adessa, for 7,800G.

 That's all you have to know if you were wondering how to get more inventory size in Kingdoms of Amalur, we hope that our article could have been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to find the right inventory size and the necessary quantity to have it.

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