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Just Cause 4: How to fix all errors

2020-04-21 14:58:59

Generally games have some small drawbacks and Just Cause 4 is no exception, let's see How to correct all errors

  Just Cause 4 has some errors that can hinder the game in a certain way and leave us stuck, but since everything in this life has a solution we have prepared ourselves to give you an answer so that you can play comfortably with it.

How to fix all errors in Just Cause 4 4?

 It is possible that there are some updates that can be executed automatically or because we have simply programmed it, in which case it is ideal to visit the official page of Just Cause 4 to verify if it exists or not.

 It is vital to check the specifications of the computer.

 One of the options we find to know how to correct all errors is simply by checking the computer's specifications, since we usually need a series of minimum requirements to be able to run the game, for this it is necessary to press the key that has the Windows "R", simultaneously, after them a tab will appear that says "run" there you need to write "dxdiag", with this we can get the diagnosis of DiectX that leads us directly to the "system" tab, there we have lucky to see all the necessary information which includes the DirectX version, memory, processing, etc.

 Graphics card drivers update.

 Obviously the graphics card drivers can get a bit old and need updating, they can be downloaded for free from the page of the same, then we have to proceed to install them and ready to check that Just Cause 4 works again.

Lower graphics settings.

 The graphics configuration usually has some incidence and knowing how to correct all errors leads us to take a look at this, since it is possible to modify it so that the game can run well, for this it is necessary to click the right mouse button on the desktop to take us to the Nvidia control panel, where we will have to go to "manage 3D settings", and from there to "program settings", where we will look for Just Cause 4, there we must see the power mode and place "adaptive" with this is ready, one less problem.

 You need to run Steam as administrator.

 The advantage of executing it is that the next time we start we will simply have administrative privileges, in order to make this change it is necessary to right click on the Steam application and select properties, then go to the compatibility tab and mark the “execute” space ”, To be placed as administrator.

When we start Steam, it will take us to the library where we will have the possibility to select Just Cause 4 and immediately give properties, then we will have to go to the local files tab where the game executor is located, there we proceed once more to click on the button right to see the properties, where we will have to get to the box of "run the program as administrator" and apply.

Achieve high execution priority.

 Really knowing how to correct all errors is essential to give priority to the execution, it is necessary to open the command window and for this we will use the Windows R logo key simultaneously, then write "taskmgr", and go directly to the tab task manager to give details until we can run it from there we select "high priority" and voila.

 This is simply all we need to know about How to fix all the errors that are present when we are playing Just Cause 4 and they put us on an odyssey.

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