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PUBG Mobile: What are the best guns

2020-04-21 14:35:09

You want to know what are the best weapons in PUBG Mobile, excellent you are in the right place to know it with precise details.

What to know about weapons in PUBG Mobile?

Throughout the game, we will find many weapons, considering which are the best weapons is something that can be difficult, it is necessary to take into account many aspects that are related to each of the weapons, the variants that exist on the maps, Among all the weapons we have assault rifles, snipers, submachine guns, shotguns and pistols, in each of these categories there are different accessories which are on the ground, to have more specific details of the weapons, we will have the content of this guide, just pay close attention below.

What are the best weapons in PUBG Mobile?

 Let's see now what are the best weapons that we are going to find:

 Sniper rifles

  • Kar98k: Among the best PUBG Mobile weapons we have this, being the best of the commons that we will find, only that we have to hit more than one shot, due to the nature of the action of the bolts, which leads us to use more Time in adjustments, this weapon turns out to be very lethal for its range, so if we have good precision with our aim it is the perfect weapon.
  • Mini 14: This weapon is considered to be the most complete, the best of sniper rifles, it is so effective at long range for an outstanding range, even up close we can use it, it has a high firing speed, the damage is not huge but with two consecutive shots we will succeed, it is among the first level, in case we do not have the Kar9k or another sniper this will be our correct option to look for it.


  • P18C: It is normal that we do not want to use a pistol, when we access something better we will forget that they exist in PUBG Mobile, but if we find a P18C that is which are the best weapons, because it is automatic and has a good hit, it contains A magazine that is extended and that in buildings will become very effective will not be our priority of use, but it will be good to have this weapon.


  • S12K: This weapon is among the answers to What are the best weapons, this although it is a shotgun brings with it a high firing speed, the damage that we will cause with this is considerable even though it is about 15 meters away, there is the possibility of Get an extended charger that allows us to use it in duos and squads, only that in open areas it is difficult to use in PUBG Mobile.
  • S686: Play in PUBG Mobile alone, this weapon will be the perfect weapon, with its double barrel being able to make both shots in a short distance, our opponents will not be able to do anything to save themselves, now if they are in duos we can reach having a bad time, it is important that we have a successful shot, since each failure can mean defeat, as for what are the best weapons, we have in this one of the safest.


  •  Vector: This is a weapon of great lethality as far as the damage that can be caused, only that the operation is usually somewhat complicated if we do not have an extended magazine, since in a single second we will spend the 13 bullets, leaving exposed if we do not get to be very successful for each bullet fired, now if we have an extended magazine and other additional accessories this will be a worthy weapon among the answers of What are the best weapons, in a short range it is highly effective, if it is in open areas we can go through many problems.
  • UMP9: In PUBG Mobile it is possibly the best of the SMG, in short distances it is very solid, if we compare it with the rest of weapons of this category, the others cause damage at medium range as well, but this has the advantage that with the 9mm ammunition works, since it is a very common bullet, we can actually consider it a great secondary weapon next to a sniper.

Assault rifles

  • M416: In response to What are the best weapons this is one of the most worthy, having it with all accessories equipped, there is little chance that they will defeat this weapon on many occasions, the damage is solid and the recoil is very comfortable for its easy control, in terms of scope if it does not stand out, however we talk about some of the best options we have, the first on our list has to be this weapon.
  • AKM: At PUBG Mobile having this weapon, it is possible to cause the most amount of damage in a single shot, it is above all common assault rifles, if we look for the precise headshots this will be the most comfortable to do it, the that does not have a level 3 helmet they will fall with two direct shots in the face, in the single shot mode the fun will be extreme with this weapon, the indicated use of this become ideal to finish with a single shot or in the form of a pseudo sniper , at a short distance will not be effective at all.
  • M16A4: For many of us it is considered the best of the rifles, it has an 8x sight even if it is an AR, having it between What are the best weapons is obvious, with the update 1.0 and the version that was released on the Xbox One, the M16 has lost capabilities, although it is still good, the 8x of the scope is not available, in addition, other characteristics were modified, in the single shot mode it will be where you can stand out with more intensity.
  • SCAR-L: To attack our enemies in PUBG Mobile that are in a short distance will be a very good weapon, it must be said that it is not at the level of the M16 or the AKM, but the option of self-firing is ideal for us , in the event that we do not manage to get ourselves with an M4, we must consider that despite all this it is above many weapons with the double AR execution, so it is ideal to consider it as an option.

 It is evident that knowing which are the best weapons will allow us to have a better performance and progress when being in PUBG Mobile.

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