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2020-07-06 09:32:48

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Iron Man VR is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to unlock Skins accurately.

What to know about the Skins in Iron Man VR?

It is a series of Custom Deco that we can apply to the Iron Man suit, they consist of different visual improvements changing the skin and the design, without actually benefiting from it, in all we will find the same slots for customization, Also the capabilities that the weapons possess will be the same as any, in if we have only visual improvements, to have details of How to unlock Skins, we have the support of this guide and its content that will be presented below, let's follow it closely.

How to unlock Skins in Iron Man VR?

There are some Skins that are not going to be unlocked by pre-order, they will only do it if we complete some challenges, where some present greater amounts of missions as such, among them is the hostile takeover, now sometimes it is only one mission, we must consider that the loads of the aspects is usually a very long fact and also forget about the challenges that can occur, therefore we will have the details of the aspects that we can unlock.


  •  Origin Armor: Unlocks by Pre-Order
  • Ancient Armor: Unlocks by Pre-Order
  • UV Armor: Unlocks by Pre-Order
  • The Scarlet Storm: with a single shot of an auxiliary weapon, kill 6 enemies
  • The hostile takeover: with auxiliary weapons we have to eliminate 250 enemies
  • Camouflage: destroying 2 enemies with a rocket hit
  • The Silver Centurion - Unlocks by Pre-Order
  • The Momentum: it will be unlocked automatically
  • The Iron Patriot: Unlocks by Pre-Order
  • The Hornet: it is necessary to destroy the enemies with melee attacks, being necessary to kill 50 enemies.
  • The Ombre: Take down 2 enemies at the same time with the repulsors, one in each hand


 At the moment these are the Skins that are available, that we get to know about the stock of others, we will return to update this content

 It is evident that knowing how to unlock Skins allows us to have more fun in Iron Man VR.

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