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This time we will talk about Instagram with the purpose of indicating how to appear offline.

Why appear offline in Instagram?

  It is a possibility in order to avoid being found online, having a different approach from the normal ones when being on the social network, something that we will do through a configuration, then seeking to be aware of how to appear offline we have this guide to guide us in this regard, let's just closely follow the following content.

How to appear offline in Instagram?

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    What we will do is configure our active status in terms of how to appear offline in Instagram, which we start by entering our profile picture to go to the configuration, here we enter privacy and security, what we will do is uncheck the box to show active state, with this the green dot that indicates that we are online at that moment will not be visible, only that there are still some things to consider in this regard.

    While we are in the active state, our followers or with whom we have talked will be able to visualize the moment in which we are active or if we were active in Instagram recently, which is identified by a green dot next to our photo of profile, it's all reversed in the case of the people we follow or who we talked to directly while they have their status activated, so as for how to appear offline if we do it, it is not possible to have these details of the other people, we cannot see who is active or if they were recently.

    The next thing to consider is that if it is our intention to be off the radar of people it is a good option, now it is not possible to apply this to a specific person, our possibilities are to deactivate the active status only, being offline for everyone , there is no way to do it for a single person that we want to go unnoticed, it must be done for everyone equally.

     We can conclude that knowing how to appear offline is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions presented here to apply them in Instagram.

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