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We focus on Instagram, so today we are going to explain how to change a published story

Why is it necessary to know how to change a story published in Instagram?

Normally it is knowing every detail because this is a social network where stories are constantly being published, followers are subsequently reviewing and commenting, but it is possible to make some modifications and thereby edit them, even when these videos may be extremely short, in addition It is possible to carry out a respective control on what we want them to tell us, since there is the possibility of being able to disable the story, since it is not necessarily possible to edit a story when it is published, but it is possible to edit some aspects in Instagram.

How to change a story published in Instagram?

To make this possible you need to follow these steps:

  • Post the story on Instagram.
  • To share it is necessary to see before executing any change.
  • Login is required on our phone.
  • When we access the main page we must locate ourselves at the top on the left side and visualize see My story that appears marked with a symbol there we will touch.
  • We swipe up to find the photos or videos of our history.
  • We can incorporate the text that we consider necessary and is related to the story, as well as the possibility of using emojis, drawings or stickers.
  • When we finish this edition we resize the texts and emotes, we proceed to touch the story and publish.

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How to customize access to our story in Instagram?

The story in Instagram lasts published 24 hours online, so it is important to know How to change a published story, but it is possible to save it after this time, since it remains stored there, allowing us to retain certain favorable aspects that can be modified such as:

  • For this it is necessary to launch Instagram and click on the story to proceed to open it by pressing more.
  • Then we access the menu, for this it is necessary to configure the history.
  • Then we will see a number of options in order to customize and proceed to present the story.
  • Finally it's time to enable or disable sharing Instagram story options with other people.

In one way or another, knowing how to change a published story allows one or more people to see the story, placing certain restrictions on who we want to see or not, that particularly includes our followers, even if it is not possible to change all its content if It is possible to control the number of people that we want to be able to visualize every minimum detail.

 In this sense, knowing how to change a published story requires certainty about exactly with whom we want to share what we publish in Instagram.

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