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The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Excavate Antiquities

2020-05-28 09:37:10

We continue through the The Elder Scrolls Online universe to explain how to excavate antiques, let's see.

Why excavate antiques in The ElderScroll Online?

Knowing how to excavate antiquities allows us to make interesting artifact finds, only we must take this very seriously, because even though it may seem simple, I don't know and if we are not aware it can be destroyed, being a real inconvenience.

To proceed with a The Elder Scrolls Online excavation, it is necessary to consider that the Antiquarian Eye is required in the first instance, which must be activated by a compass that turns blue, generating a bright orb that will indicate the direction where it will be necessary to excavate, because the Eye is our fundamental guide to know How to excavate antiquities.

It is important to consider that the Antiquarian Eye must be assigned to a quickslot, this in order to get help in locating the excavation site, then it is time to go to Scrying for this we only move to the inventory and select the Quickslots tab assigning the Eye to the slot that is open and to start the course of the excavation.

The treasure is hidden underground, so it is vital to know how to excavate antiquities, and for this it is necessary to be able to carry out the excavation minigame that includes a large grid of approximately 10 x 10, having 3 levels of depth and as if this were not enough, covered land, for this it is vital to go for our tools, for this The Elder Scrolls Online minigame it is necessary to have the ability of Augur, since it is ideal to start with the 4 corners of the site and then proceed to the center to access the loot.

It is necessary to consider that the grids present certain identification colors that allow us to have a clearer way when it comes to knowing how to excavate antiquities:

  • The orange color indicates that we are within the 4 squares.
  • The green yellow color means that we are within 2 squares.
  • The red color on the other hand indicates that we are more than 5 squares.
  • The green color indicates that we are standing on money.
  • The glass next to the Eye tells us how many charges we have before using the eye.

Being in the green grid indicates that we are in the right place, so it will be our task to proceed to excavate, we must consider that one of the important aspects to know how to excavate antiquities is the time limit, for this it is vital to take a look at the yellow bar that we see on the screen at the top in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Tools needed to excavate antiques in The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • The Palette: necessary to remove the layers of dirt from the grid.
  • The Heavy Shovel: necessary to remove a layer of dirt from several grids in a large space, it serves as the highest layer of dirt.
  • The Brush: Ideal to remove dirt from a grid for each use

How to excavate antiques in The Elder Scrolls Online?

The first thing that needs to be considered is the possibility of unlocking the necessary tools and this is achieved by increasing the level of our digging ability, the trowel and the brush are essential to remove dirt from the grid, but they must be properly used, since the palette can particularly damage antiquity and this is not feasible, also counting that time is an enemy that can affect us when it comes to knowing how to excavate antiquities, so we must be agile but delicate.

The shovel is particularly a The Elder Scrolls Online tool that we can use for the highest level of dirt at The Elder Scrolls Online, it is also important to be very careful with a double-edged tool, and they are the purple gas clouds, since these are gas veins that are Underground they can be used for our benefit or for our failure if we do not manage to activate them correctly, because this means that knowing how to excavate antiquities requires great care and it is not a pleasant thing to exploit, because antiquity will be damaged and we will have lost all the work. done up to this point.

 This is all we know about How to excavate Antiques, just focus on following the prompts and opting for the necessary tools at The Elder Scrolls Online.

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