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Learn How to find resources in Infection Free Zone with our guide that offers clear and precise information.

What to know about finding resources in Infection Free Zone?

This game offers us a large amount of resources, weapons, tools, sustenance. Even so, there are three crucial resources that we cannot produce within this safe haven, such as wood, metal and bricks, so today we will explain how to find resources in Infection Free Zone, since they are essential for almost all tasks and we require immediate availability.

How to find resources in Infection Free Zone?

It is important to note that trees, metal structures, and piles of rubble do not usually regenerate, meaning that everything our people collect is finite. However, abandoned buildings that are deconstructed seem to reappear over time, as long as absolutely nothing has been built on them. It should be noted that deconstructing buildings allows us to acquire wood, metal and bricks, which makes it a favorable method to obtain these resources infinitely.

Worth noting, the developers confirmed that a forest hut will be introduced in the early access phase and potentially even more methods to reliably produce these essential resources, offering hope for their renewal. But, as of now, these resources remain limited, unless we manage to find abandoned buildings that respawn.

How to get Wood, Metal and Bricks in the Infection Free Zone?

There are two ways to obtain these resources and they are the following:

Deconstructing buildings

To start a deconstruction, select an abandoned building and click the designated button in the lower right corner. This will inform you of the amount of resources you will receive from deconstruction. You will need to assign builders to carry out this task, as they will gradually gather resources.

  Send our citizens to collect resources.

In the "Area Jobs" menu, we have the option to designate specific areas for our citizens to collect resources such as wood from trees, metal from car wrecks, and bricks from rubble. Now, to assign collectors, we will select the resource we want to collect and click and hold to set the designated area. Items available to harvest will be highlighted in blue, and the bottom corner will show the number of workers that can be harvested in that area and the amount of resources available. Assigned harvesters will dismantle and cut down trees, then transport them to the nearest storage building for future use.

To keep our citizens fed and healthy, food is a necessity. Without it, they will starve. For our good fortune, there are several methods to acquire food in the Infection Free Zone. Food can be searched in abandoned buildings and recovered by our squads. Restaurants and stores are excellent sources of canned food. Likewise, we can research and unlock the Cannery, which allows us to produce canned food.

Cannery efficiently converts food rations into canned foods, which can sustain our population during the cold winter months. So it's wise to stock up on canned food as winter approaches, since scavenging will only produce a limited amount. Although food rations may require more effort and resources to produce, they contribute considerably to the happiness of our citizens, this can be done in a kitchen, using bags of grain and raw meat obtained from other sources. We must make sure we have enough wood to oversee this process. We can produce bags of grain by building a large number of fields to supply our citizens with crops. In addition, agricultural buildings, identified by a barn or crop icon, can also provide us with bags of grain, it should be noted that raw meat can be purchased in the Granary, where our population can raise livestock.

How to get access to tools in the infection-free zone?

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To carry out advanced agricultural techniques, a wide supply of tools is essential, we can obtain tools from abandoned structures; This makes it necessary to keep an eye out for structures with a tool emblem on them when you enter the collection view (V), likewise, we have the option to produce tools in the Tool Factory using metal and wood.

  Gather ammo and weapons in the infection-free zone

To get weapons, such as pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and ammunition, we will have to scavenge or craft within the boundaries of the Infection Free Zone. If we want to reliably locate weapons and ammunition, we will look for the Uniformed Services Facility (identified with a badge) when entering the collection view (V). It is also optional to produce these resources within the Weapons Factory, although this method is expensive and requires a large amount of metal.

Ensure fuel in the infection-free zone

Fuel is essential to operate the vehicles we use for transportation, it can be obtained and synthesized within the Infection Free Zone, to find it we will carefully inspect the structures with a fuel icon on top, as well as parking spaces or garages, of the Likewise, we have the option of creating synthetic fuel in the chemical plant using fertilizers.

Acquire Fertilizers in the Infection Free Zone

Fertilizers play a fundamental role in both fuel production and improving field efficiency, it is possible to manufacture fertilizers in a chemical plant.

How to get first aid kits in the infection-free zone?

First aid kits are a fundamental piece in healing the injured population, especially as time passes. We will have to keep an eye out for medical facilities with the first aid kit icon above them to look for these kits. Likewise, after researching medicine production, you can produce first aid kits in Med Bay.

Gathering scientific materials in the infection-free zone

Scientific materials are essential for researching new constructions and increasing productivity. Additionally, a research center will slowly generate scientific materials when it does not conduct any research. It is important to prioritize the production of these resources, because it will prevent us from being left behind when the infected knock on our door.

Now that you know how to find resources in Infection Free Zone, you have all the necessary instructions to carry out the search and thereby accumulate necessary resources.

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