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 Knowing what the list of weapons in Battle Royale is proves to be necessary and so we will describe them in this Hyper Scape guide.

Why know the entire weapons list in Battle Royale in Hyper Scape?

Because here we are presented with several and it is necessary to know more about each of them, so knowing why we should or should not use it is an important activity, since specifically each weapon has different accessories and statistics to which it is vital to pay attention, as well as the possibility of opting for some improvements.

In this virtual reality game is possible to find copies of the same weapon and these serve to merge it with the weapon to get some updates, this basically allows us to have a wide range of updated weapons, which are vital to achieve that our work for Hyper Scape can be given as a team dynamic, allowing us the possibility of getting accessories throughout the game.

The weapons available at Hyper Scape are:

  •  Plasma Guns.
  • Energy guns.
  • Shotguns.
  • Snipers.
  • Assault rifles.

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    What's the list of weapons in Battle Royale from Hyper Scape?


    •  Disturbance 1: This is a sniper rifle that has the capability of long range shooting without the use of a scope.
    • Ripper: Knowing the entire list of weapons in Battle Royale is simply an excellent task and this rifle can become very popular because it has all the necessary purposes, there is the possibility of incorporating some improvements, it has the ability to shoot slowly and with enough force so it has the possibility of making some improvements related to size and damage.
    • D-Tap: This is a pistol that is probably not recommended to use because it does not really cause considerable damage in Hyper Scape, what we can rescue from it is the auto-destination system that is usually quite simple to use.
    • Protocol V: This is a sniper rifle and it is ideal to use, that is why it has been incorporated in this list of weapons in Battle Royale, it is a weapon that can be upgraded too much to cause a single blow to the head, it is a weapon capable of causing 75 head damages and it is specifically designed for long range battles.
    • Mammoth MK I: This is a shotgun that will require updates, because the first one we make will serve to increase its size and this can allow us to face more than one player before reloading again, it's a weapon that usually causes interesting damage but obviously with only one shot it's not possible to knock down the enemy.
    • Except for EPL: this is a grenade launcher with which it is possible to increase the size of the loader with just the first update to make it a spam weapon, it is possible to use it to eliminate a trapped enemy without taking risks since it has 6 reloading shells, the truth is that it doesn't cause much damage.
    • Hexfire: Not everything can be perfect and this list of weapons in Battle Royale allows us to know each one of them and their respective use, because this weapon particularly only has the possibility of making 4 damages by each shot, it is viable to use it in small spaces where it can transport groups of great size, it counts on a lot of bloom when firing which is not very feasible.
    • Skybreaker: This weapon is a rocket launcher only not yet available, it is a powerful weapon when fired from above, it features Hacking like teleportation, it has the ability to fire twice at enemies in a fairly easy way.
    • Komodo: In this list of Hyper Scape weapons we don't have information about this plasma launcher yet, but as soon as we have it we will update you.


     Now that you know all the weapons list in Battle Royale you can choose the one that suits you best in Hyper Scape.

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