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Today we bring you a Beginner's Guide where we will talk about Hyper Scape in precise detail.

What to know about Hyper Scape?

It is a futuristic game, which has a development of the Ubisoft Montreal FPS Battle Royale, with similarities to other games, it allows the access of 100 players to be in the arena, where the last one standing will be the winner, It is free for PC and consoles, bringing with it many clues and including a battle pass, we can carry out looting, ping the points of greatest interest and even go through the resuscitation of our companions, to know more we have this Beginner's Guide, you just have to pay close attention to its extensive content, let's move on to see what it brings us.
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    Hyper Scape Beginner's Guide


    Based on a futuristic game seen in the year 2054 where we see a virtual space to compete and certainly have fun, we have that the Hyper Scape map is 100 percent urban, being the first of its kind, in which there is a division of Neo-Arcadia In 9 districts with 8 points of reference and with a mix of the future European, we have that in this Guide for beginners many aspects will be taken care of, among which the structures stand out, these being roofs, streets, interiors, squares and much more in Where to fight, the districts individually have their own aesthetics, which leads us to the explorations to be made.

    According to the creative director with Hyper Scape, the aim is to reach a form of battle that is fast, intense and vertical, which maintains the action, with an outstanding urban environment, also coming to have the different mechanisms that lead to an experience In Battle Royale, there is still a lot to know go ahead with this Beginner's Guide.


    Here we will have the management of the champions, where each of them has visual differences, without bringing with them skills or some skills that we must activate in Hyper Scape, for this we will have throughout the map the possibility of finding Hacks, these will give us the skills to use for changes when it comes to confrontations in combat and even for exploration, we will have Hacks such as invisibility, wall, teleportation, mine and heal us, where some with their names are enough to understand their operations, but in this Guide For beginners we have the Wall Hack, we have to consider that it helps us to capture other players or make a protection barrier for ourselves and the Mine Hack, allows a mine to deploy that will go after the enemies at the moment that these are coming closer.

    With the support of Hacks such as teleportation that we can go through the city more easily, the use of the mine helps us to be more clever in the confrontations and the healing hack will be vital to help our team, we must Note that we have in the champion 2 slots for hacks, 2 for weapons and which can be improvements, aspects that we will see now in this Hyper Scape Beginner's Guide below.

    Hack and weapon upgrades

    We have to emphasize that the looting of weapons and hacks will be necessary while we are in combat, but it is good to understand that improving hacks and weapons will be important as we continue to progress, the moment we find a weapon or hack they bring with them certain power level, where each one will have 5 levels to be more precise, if we take any of these that we already have equipped these will merge and improve the power of that weapon or hack, when they reach level 5 comes an extra power that It will be won to support any team that has a lower power, however a key aspect of this is that there are hacks and weapons that do not have a single power level, it is possible that we will find level 5 weapons by any of the 8 reference points, let's see in this Beginner's Guide some of the weapons we have in Hyper Scape.


    •  Mammoth shotgun: with this body-body fight is possible, it also provides great support to clear buildings.
    • Protocol V sniper rifle: It has a significant range, the damage it causes is tremendous and it is possible to control the roofs with it.
    • Riot One: it is a revolver that a single shot will be fatal, the damage is certainly very high, only it is not very precise, it is great just like a finisher but it is medium range.
    • D-Tap: small automatic pistol, with which we can do minimal damage but continuously
    • Ripper: This is a classic assault rifle, with good precision to cause damage, whether medium or long range.
    • Skybreaker: consists of dependence on the energy with which a single projectile shot results in great power, if the impact is on a surface, we have that the energy ball explodes and causes damage to any enemy around it.

    The decadence

    In Hyper Scape we have a circle that is gradually reducing, which is going to force us to be close between players, with the decline we will see how part of the map will be eliminated slowly, fading, something that is similar to what happens in other games of the batte royale, for what we tell you in this Beginner's Guide that to stay alive it is necessary that we leave the decadence, at the moment that it has already reached a certain point, we will die if we are in it, but it is important to highlight that it will not be the end of the game once a player dies, because through the squads they can be revived, of course highlighting the point of restoration.

    Resurrect and echoes

    When we find ourselves playing as a team, it is possible that some of the members may die, but it is possible that he will be resurrected with the support of the remaining members of the team, we only have to find a point of restoration, being something key to it and In this Beginner's Guide we make it known, also highlighting the need to find the dead partner, the moment they kill us in Hyper Scape we become the echoes, which are capable of making explorations on the map and pinging them. enemies, without being seen by other players, which allows us to help our team even when out of action, it is important that for resuscitation the echo must be taking notice of the point of restoration and wait for our teammates to activate it.

    It is important that in Hyper Scape the place of death, since this is where the restore point will be, this point will be available to all friends or enemies, it is possible that when blocking or simply the squad makes an interaction with the restoration point will to resuscitate in this way, due to the invisible echoes, it is impossible to know if there are more players looking to revive, so our enemies could look for the same for their companions, let's continue that there is still more of this Beginner's Guide .


    In Hyper Scape we have that when the decadence has devastated all the sections and there is only one left, we come to the confrontation, this is where a crown is presented and which will appear on the map, taking into account that we will know of its location prior to 20 seconds of its appearance, thus having 2 options to win, we have that in this Beginner's Guide the options are to beat all the enemies or simply grab the crown and have it for an estimated time so as to be victorious, it is wanted that You win without having to fire a shot, the purpose being to stay hidden and quickly.


    This consists of a system that was developed with the purpose of impacting those who are in real time in battles, this to vote on the events that can be changed in Hyper Scape that are affecting us all, by making it possible for us to progress in our battle pass, which allows you to unlock levels by playing the game and watching on Twitch, some of the effects that have been voted for change are in this Beginner's Guide and these are:


    •  Disclosure of the players
    • Additional health
    • Infinite ammo
    • The movements at higher speed


     Among the effects to choose from we also have the moon's gravity, it is even possible that we will be able to invite viewers to our team.

    The Champions

    In this Beginner's Guide we cannot leave out the champions, who at the beginning will be 8 to choose from, in each of the seasons new ones will be added and the old ones will be kept, as the seasons progress, Hyper Scape will be developed, It is good to know that each champion has their history, a voice and reasons for the necks is in this competition, which we will see for a long time, when this game is launched we will have access to new added aspects but it is not yet unknown the cost of the same or the battle pass for this present stage.


    The PC will be the destination of Hyper Scape first, only in test mode for Europe and North America, when the game is stable, Ubisoft will give way to its release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, allowing Cross-Progression and not available in The launch of the crossover game by Ubisoft, everything that can be unlocked on one platform will also be present for the others, it is important to highlight it in this Beginner's Guide, the crossover game is important but it is possible to launch it in a next season, taking into account He says that there is not yet a date for its launch, but there is talk of winter 2020 in the southern hemisphere and north of summer 2020.

     Finally, we have a Beginner's Guide that will allow us to have a better knowledge and performance by having fun at Hyper Scape.
    PC, Xbox one, PS4
    Battle royale
    Ubisoft Montreal
    Release date:
    July 12 2020
    age rating (PEGI):
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