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If you still don't know how to access the gallery in HuniePop 2, in this guide we will tell you what you have to do.

What is access to the gallery in HuniePop 2 for?

In this you will see the romantic art between the characters, which you find in the saved file works. Two successful double dates per couple are required to unlock them,

How to access the gallery in HuiePop 2?

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    In order to unlock the gallery, you will need two successful double dates per a couple of the 25 that are available, to unlock the gallery, for this you will have to go to the hotel where Kyu, the love fairy is located, to recover resistance, check your progress and sure, see the gallery.

    You will be able to access the images that you have always unlocked depending on the configuration you use.

    We hope that you find in this guide on how to access the gallery in HuiePop 2, you can access your art collection as you wish.

    Microsoft Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux
    Tile-matching, dating sim
    age rating (PEGI):

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