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Angel Marquez
2022-02-21 04:00:06

More about: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is a very busy game, and today it takes us to find out how to sneak past the machines without being detected.

Why sneak past the machines undetected in Horizon Forbidden West?

It is something important for survival, which makes stealth the masterpiece to avoid enemies with whom we do not perform well in combat, it is certainly a tactic that can be of support to us in this wide world and to know how to sneak from the machines without being detected we have the details in the following content, let's see it.

How to sneak past machines undetected in Horizon Forbidden West?

There are a number of tactics that we should consider applying in terms of how to sneak past machines undetected in Horizon Forbidden West and these are as follows:
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  • The approach: to sneak away from the enemies our approach may be the best strategy, with the right analog stick holding it down we are going to activate it until we see a blue field around us, with this we can now scan everything around us in Horizon Forbidden West and this includes the machines, we will notice on these the weak points, and it is possible to tag them to know what their next movements will be, ideal for how to sneak from the machines without being detected, with the R1 we can also highlight the routes of a machine, we will then know where it gets to move, as long as it is not aware of our presence we can do many things, such as setting traps in its path.
  • Use the tall grass to hide by keeping crouched: when we meet carelessly we will be seen by a machine, at that point we have to seek to hide, for which we will use the tall grass, we squat when standing on the grass, managing to become invisible for the machines in Horizon Forbidden West, it is necessary to look for the grass for each machine that discovers us, with this we have options to build our strategy, in most cases it should be noted that we must be crouched for stealth, while standing the enemies will listen to us easily.
  • Use stones as a distraction: considering the ease of access to the stones, they turn out to be very useful in terms of how to sneak from the machines without being detected, because they help us distract the enemies, with this we can silently hit or sneak, with the left and right directional pad buttons we can equip the stones, then we press R2 to launch it.
  • Silent blows: these are stealth movements that allow us to attack enemies who are unsuspecting, we arrive behind this and just by pressing the R1 we will finish off the number of enemies without being detected, but the blows do not kill a machine in many cases, according to the icon of the skull we can know if the enemy has died or not, if said icon is maintained it is because a single blow will be enough.
  • Improvements to our skill tree: there are several skills that can help us be more effective, the most appropriate is the infiltrator, because we can sneak more precisely, enhancing our attacks while we are hidden, it allows enemies to see us, the Another ability to highlight is that stealthy stalker, with which we will be practically invisible when sneaking.

Obviously, knowing how to sneak past machines undetected allows us to have more fun as we progress through Horizon Forbidden West.

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Action role-playing
Guerrilla Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
18 February 2022
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