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Discover the ultimate solution to How to Solve Depulso Puzzle Room 2 in Hogwarts Legacy with our expert guide.

Welcome to Hogwarts Legacy! In the Depulso Puzzle Room 2, you'll encounter a massive room with three different puzzles that hold valuable chests. This guide will walk you through each puzzle step-by-step, helping you unlock the treasures that await you. So put on your wizarding hat and let's dive into solving these captivating challenges!

How to Solve Depulso Puzzle Room 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

Puzzle 1 - Finding the First Chest:

As you enter Depulso Puzzle Room 2, take a moment to survey your surroundings. The room is vast and filled with various blocks and structures. Your first task is to locate a T-shaped block within the room. This block will serve as the foundation for solving Puzzle 1.

Once you've found the T-shaped block, your next step is to connect it to an L-shaped block. By doing so, you create a stable structure that will allow you to climb onto the blocks you've connected. This is crucial for reaching the first chest.

Carefully maneuver yourself onto the blocks you've connected and make your way to the first chest. Open it to reveal the treasures it holds. Congratulations, you've completed Puzzle 1!

Puzzle 2 - Unlocking the Second Chest:

After successfully solving the first puzzle and obtaining the first chest, it's time to move on to Puzzle 2. Begin by locating the T-shaped block near the entrance of the room. This block will be instrumental in unlocking the second chest.

Once you've found the T-shaped block, pull it towards the entrance and rearrange it to form a structure similar to the one you created in Puzzle 1. This may require some trial and error, but persevere until you achieve the desired structure.

Now, take any existing T-shaped blocks within the room and place them onto the newly shaped blocks. This will enhance the stability of the structure you've created. Climb up this new structure to access the door that leads to the second chest.

Open the door and claim the treasures within the second chest. You're making great progress!

Puzzle 3 - Reaching the Exit Door for Third Chest:

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As you embark on solving the third and final puzzle in Depulso Puzzle Room 2, prepare to utilize the Accio spell. This powerful spell will come in handy for rearranging blocks effectively.

Start by casting Accio on both the right cubes and the vertical blocks to rearrange them more efficiently. This will create a more organized structure to work with.

Next, connect the horizontal blocks with those below the exit door. This will help align the blocks closer to the door, bringing you one step closer to accessing the third chest.

Once the blocks are connected, use Accio again to pull back all the blocks towards yourself. This action will align the blocks even closer to the exit door, making it easier to push the structure towards it.

With the blocks in position, cast Accio one more time to push the rearranged structure towards the exit door. Take your time and ensure that the structure is aligned correctly to avoid any mishaps.

Finally, climb up this rearranged structure and reach for the well-deserved third chest. Open it and revel in the treasures that await you.

Congratulations on successfully solving Depulso Puzzle Room 2 in Hogwarts Legacy! By following these friendly guidelines, you were able to conquer each puzzle and claim all three chests along your magical journey. We hope this guide helped you enjoy your time at Hogwarts even more as you discovered hidden treasures. Remember, solving puzzles requires patience, observation, and a touch of magic. As you continue your adventures at Hogwarts, keep exploring and unraveling the mysteries that lie within the enchanted walls of this magnificent school. With your newfound puzzle-solving skills, you'll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

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