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We invite you to discover How to find the 11 ICA agents in Berlin, as it is an important action that we must carry out in Hitman 3

What to know about the 11 ICA officers in Berlin at Hitman 3?

This game has some security agents at all levels and specifically the Berlin level has a total of 11 which will be necessary to eliminate, since 10 of them correspond to challenge objectives, in such a way that, knowing how to find the 11 agents of the ICA in Berlin allows us to have the opportunity to make our way through a replayable level, we do not necessarily have to kill them all, because 5 enemies will be the crucial ones in this free level.

How to find the 11 ICA agents in Berlin in Hitman 3?

  • Price: this is the first agent we get, since he is patrolling the forest on his behalf, this leads us to get him in the initial location, and it is easy to master it because he is associated with a specific objective.
  • Rhodes: this is another agent we come across, this one we got disguised as a motorcyclist, he is found on level 1 of the growth house, this is the veteran agent.
  • Swan: We continue in the search to know how to find the 11 ICA agents in Berlin and this leads us to get him to kill him with just an accidental push, for this it is necessary to approach the Chill Out area where he is patrolling relatively near the river, this is the agent of the swan song.
  • Banner: this is another agent in Hitman 3, it is also necessary to kill him accidentally, it will only be enough to push him over the edge, because he is disguised as a technician and is on the dance floor, this is the agent on the wall.
  • Tremain: this is another one of the agents that we need dead and for this we can make him have an accident with the rifle, because he is near a mounted sniper rifle, this agent is located on the top floor of the building with the motorcyclists, where This is specifically the sniper's nest, as this agent is known as a sniper.
  • Green: As we move through this game, it is necessary to know how to find the 11 ICA agents in Berlin, in this way we get to the sixth agent, another that we must make him die accidentally, for this it will only be enough to push him through the railing, as this scout agent is located on the roof overlooking the Child Out area
  • Thames: this is another agent that we should look for in Hitman 3, it also does not require much effort because it is in a remote area, when we find it we observe that it is disguised as club staff, it also gives away because it is located at the entrance back of the club, and he's a pro.

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  • Chamberlin: this is an agent known as Joker, and it is because it is difficult to eliminate him on the dance floor, it is only necessary to wait a bit and this is because his patrol will take him to some remote areas where we can act, one of this area is located near the basement area, in such a way that here it is possible to have the gift of patience while it manages to leave.
  •  Montgomery: This is another difficult agent to eliminate in Hitman 3, as he is known as the leader, in addition, he likes to be in crowded areas, which makes it a more complex task, we just have to have patience and perseverance, it is necessary to follow him when he achieves leave the dance floor and once outside kill him, he is disguised as head of security.
  •  Lowenthal: to kill him it is necessary to pretend to be food delivery men, because here it is possible to make use of the emetic poison and proceed to force him to enter the bathroom where we manage to kill him, since it is located on the first floor of the building with the mortars where precisely is disguised as a mortar, this is known as the English.
  •  Davenport: this is another agent that we can easily kill by luring him out of the corridor of the Child Out area, this is known as the rookie, and he has to wear a sleeveless shirt, he is an agent who has a specific pattern of patrol.

 This is all we can tell you about how to find the 11 ICA agents in Berlin, as it is a necessary task that we must carry out in Hitman 3.

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