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With our Hellpoint guide you will learn more about how to level up.

What to know about the level in Hellpoint?

The Axions are key for us to perform the level increase, this if we want to be stronger and stay alive while we are progressing in the game, we can collect these Axions or by defeating our enemies, win them, in case we die we are going to lose what we have accumulated and returning to the previous gap of the interaction, our statistics and abilities we can improve them, to recover the Axions when dying it is necessary to go to the place where we die, otherwise we will not be able to recover what we had, now to see more details on how to level up, let's follow the content of this guide and what comes next.
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How to level up in Hellpoint?

Choosing the correct statistics is important according to our style of play, gaps allow us to access the statistics we want to improve and have more details about them, it is important to have enough Axions to move from one level to another, the Statistics that we have available are 8, being these Health, Resistance, Energy, Load, Strength, Reflection, Cognition and Forecast, all have levels to climb, while we have the Axions we will not have difficulties to achieve it, we just have to consider our style of play To make the improvements that are consistent with it, let's see what each of the statistics below brings.


  •  The Forecast: with this it is possible that by the catalysts we cause more damage and increases our defenses
  • Cognition: allows to increase the damage capacity that we will do when using firearms
  • The Reflection: We will see increased damage that we can cause when using fast weapons and our energy defenses.
  • The Force: our heavy weapons will cause more damage
  • The Load: we will see an increase in load capacities and induction defenses
  • The Energy: the points of the same will be increased and the defenses of entropy also
  • The Resistance: it increases our capabilities
  • Health: our points will be higher.

 Finally, now that we know how to level up, we can move on to Hellpoint.

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