Lidia Rozo
2020-09-23 08:11:54

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Hades has come to keep us in constant action and that is why today it is necessary to tell you How to upgrade weapons

What does Hades bring us?

This is a game where we have the possibility of seeing ourselves reflected in an environment where it is necessary to choose to survive and for this it is necessary to know how to upgrade weapons, the first thing we will need to focus on is getting the hammer of Daedalus since it can present some interesting variations, as this is an artifact that allows us to have the possibility of making some improvements to our weapons, there are two ways to obtain it:

  • Getting it as a reward for clearing the first room.
  • Buy it for a value of 200 Charon obolos.
  • How to upgrade weapons in Hades?

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It is necessary to understand that the fall of the hammer can occur randomly, it is only possible to obtain the amount of two hammers, since both capacities of the artifacts can accumulate in the case of proceeding to buy it, it is necessary to understand that the first one can be bought in Tartarus and the second in the temple of Styx, as it is necessary to have this hammer since knowing how to update weapons depends entirely on it.

The Daedalus hammer is simply a very useful tool since it is the only one that will allow us to apply improvements to the weapons in this game. It should be noted that some weapons can experience more interesting improvements than others, most of them are excellent, although one or another may present some changes in the gameplay, but this is only a matter of habit, once you adapt this is in the past. An important detail is that this hammer is not used to make improvements to the Zagreus cast.

Now that you know how to upgrade weapons, it's time to get the Daedalus hammer and give it the necessary use in Hades.