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2020-09-23 08:30:40

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Hades has come to keep us as busy as possible and therefore it is pertinent to tell you how to get all the weapons, let's see.

Why get all the weapons in Hades?

This is simply a necessary task, since we are faced with the possibility of fighting to survive and it is vital to stay armed to protect ourselves from enemies, since in dungeons they tend to abound, the advantage is that we have some interesting weapons that allow us to apply some skills and thereby achieving great goals.

How to get all the weapons in Hades?

To get the weapons, it is necessary to first consider having the Chthon Keys, since they are the ones who unlock the weapons, and we can get them by negotiating with the Unfortunate Corridor or entering the chambers with symbols, after that it is necessary to enter the Skelly room where we can see the weapons aligned, sun it is necessary to approach the alarm that we want to unlock and proceed to Press R to take it, for this it is necessary to have several keys if we want to take more than one weapon.
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These are the 6 weapons that we have obtained so far in Hades:

  • The shield of chaos that requires 3 keys.
  • The eternal spear that requires 4 keys.
  • The bow that seeks the heart that requires 1 key.
  • Malphon's twin fists that require 8 keys.
  • The Stygian sword which is a default weapon.
  • The assault on Adamant that costs 8 keys also requires that all other weapons have been opened first.

This is all we know so far about how to get all the weapons, because we do not know if there may be much more in the future, however it is good to start at Hades.