Lidia Rozo
2020-09-24 13:17:28

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Hades has just been launched and has bugs, so it is necessary to know How to Fix Error ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’

Why this sync error on Steam in Hades?

  The first thing that is convenient to consider is that this game has very little time to have been launched and they already have some number of errors, because knowing How to Fix Error ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’ makes us mobilize quickly, because it is a game That everyone is interested in playing and this could be in a way because of its characteristics or perhaps because of its weapons, the detail is that it does not allow us to enjoy it as it should, for the good fortune of all this has a solution.
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How to Fix Error ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’ in Hades?

 Delete the ClientRegistry.blob file.

 This file simply usually stores data clearly related to the registration of our account, of course this does not mean that Steam does not restore it again but it prevents us from having errors with the game and for this it is necessary:


  •  Have our Steam username and password at hand.
  • We proceed to close the Steam client.
  • We make sure that all tasks are suspended from the task manager.
  • Then we must go to C.
  • Next to Program Files.
  • Then locate Steam.
  • Finally locate ClientRegistry.blob to delete the file and start in Steam.


 Check the game files.

 There are some occasions in which the files may be corrupt and knowing How to Fix Error ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’ your files leads us to take a review, for this it is necessary:


  •  Go to Steam and click on library.
  • Then locate Hades and click the right mouse button.
  • Click on properties and go to the Local Files tab.
  • Then we proceed to find and click on verify integrity of game files.
  • Finally we wait a bit and proceed to relaunch the game.

Check the Steam servers.

  There are times when the servers may be down, which leads us to review since this Hades error may occur due to them, to check it is only necessary to Google our region and there we will be offered information, then to tell us no nothing happens then it may just be a local problem.


Delete user data.

  One of the options by which we get this file synchronization problem is due to the userdata folder that is in the Steam directory and certain information is stored there that sometimes can present failures, it is only necessary to delete it and relaunch Steam .

  This is all you need to know about How to Fix Error ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’, because the solution is easy, which allows us to play Hades again as normally as possible.