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GTFO How to Survive Alarms - tips and tricks

2019-12-14 13:29:53

Do you want to know how to survive alarms in GTFO? Then you can not miss this section.

  In this new installment of GTFO, the first-person horror and survival cooperative game, we will be showing you the best tricks so you know how to survive the alarms, so check out and find out all the details about it.

How to survive alarms in GTFO?

The first thing you should keep in mind to know how to survive the alarms in GTFO, is the fact that the location of the consumption tablets is completely random. This results in some limitations when combining the items you need.

Then when you have the key to one of the alarm doors under your power, you must install it in a room where the door is located.

Install the alarm in the room

Once you have acquired the key to one of the alarm doors, you will have to prepare to install it in the room where the door is located. What you should do will be the following:

Make use of C-Foam grenades (in case you have them). Then you must close all the doors to proceed to use the C foam grenades on each door that takes you to the room.

What do I do if I don't have enough C foam grenades?

In this case, you will be forced to reinforce those that are closer to the alarm door.

How to survive alarms by installing your mines in GTFO?

To do this, you must use the Mine Deployer, placing a mine in each door frame, placing it near the floor. This is because some enemies will crawl and if your mines are located high, they will not persist the presence of those crawling enemies and therefore, they will not be able to activate.

The next step to follow will be to configure your sentinel weapons. So you must make these weapons, are pointing towards the doors when the enemies knock down the doors.

The next thing will be to try to disarm the alarm. To do this, you will need the help of your team. Then once the security scan is started at the alarm door, your team must stop completely in the scanning area for the purpose of moving forward.

When that happens, you will notice that a white line will be moving along the floor. What you should do will be to continue the white line route, which will generate more security scanning areas in which both you and your team should stand.

Small scan areas

For these you will only require a player to stand in it, while large scan areas will need the complete equipment. Then after that you should communicate with your team in order to know where each one is going to be able to disarm the alarm in a more efficient way.

You should know that in the course of the test, the enemies will be in charge of tearing down the doors, so take your forecasts before they get in without having disarmed the alarm.

When you have finally managed to disarm the alarm, you will have the task of finding a defensible place and waiting with your team.

Another very important factor is communication. If, for example, some member of your team does not have ammunition and another does, they must communicate with each other to share this ammunition. Be sure to kill small enemies first. The Big Strikers have quite slow movements, so it will be easier for you to dodge their attacks from a distance.

As an extra fact, next we will show you which are the recommended articles to achieve the main objective:

Mine Deployment - Sentinel Weapon - Foam Launcher C

On the other hand, we have the consumables that turn out to be the most efficient in GTFO:

Ammunition Package - Foam Grenade C - Tool Refill Package - Medical Package

 In this way we finalize the guide on how to survive alarms in GTFO. We hope it has served you.

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