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Find out where to find an agency to buy in GTA Online in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about agencies to buy in GTA Online?

  These are some interesting options that are presented to us with the game updates that allow us to buy our own agency, with this we can unlock content to use in the game, now looking to know how to find them, we need to attend to what the following content offers, let's see .

Where to find an agency to buy in GTA Online?

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The agencies that we can buy are found in the city, being 4 places where we can go for it, being among them the one in little Seoul for $2,010,000, Vespucci canals for $2,145,000, Rockford hills for $2,415,000 and Hawick for $2,830,000, they will all be around the city, so it is possible to plan ahead if we want to take advantage of all the content, it is possible to have this close to another business that we have close to the new purchased agency.


 Regardless of which agency we buy there will be no blocking of content, so by buying the one we want we will have access to the contract missions, now knowing which one is the best, it is possible to determine that little Seoul or Hawick may be the right ones to buy , the important thing is that they are in the center of the city, the cheapest is the one in Seoul and the one in Hawick is close to the final location of the missions.

 We hope that the information presented here on Where to find an agency to buy in GTA Online has been very useful for your progress and fun.

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