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GTA Online Terrorbyte Guide: How to Buy, Use and Customize

2019-11-29 12:44:18

If you don't know anything about the Terrorbyte of GTA Online don't worry, because we have prepared a Terrorbyte guide with everything you need to know.

Terrorbyte guide in GTA Online.

In this Terrorbyte guide in GTA Online, we will discuss various aspects related to this vehicle, from what it is to how to customize it. Personally we have already tried it and the truth is that it is incredible, both in design and in general capacities, so it is certainly worth having it.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - What it is?

The first point in our Terrorbyte guide is that this is an armored truck that serves as a mobile military base and has been introduced as part of the After Hours update, the truck is a black trailer type with two spare tires on the rear, a rocket launcher installed in the back, command station and a lot of other things.

Naturally, if we talk about resistance, when it is shielded, it has to be very good and indeed it is. As for the speed it is also quite good making it an excellent option for GTA Online.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - Price.

If you want the basic version of the vehicle you will need to have saved at least $ 1,375,000 without counting the cost of the club. In case you decide to add hardware and customization options it could cause the total bill to change to $ 3,459,500, although many of these customization options only change the interior design, the bad thing is that these customization options only cost one quarter of a million so we would not reduce the total cost much if we avoid buying them.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - Recommendations to buy.

More than recommendations, they are simply some things that you will need to have before purchase.

The first is quite obvious, the money to buy it as you want it.

But before you can buy it, the game will require you to buy a Nightclub to store your vehicle (the Elysian Island club is the cheapest). By buying the club you can access the missions of this which will allow you to earn more money.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - Purchase.

Do you already have the necessary money? Then open your phone and go to the Warstock Cache and Carry online store where you can buy this machine. Once purchased you can send it to the workshop, but it cannot be any workshop. In case you want to buy another beast of these you will not be able to do it, the only thing you can buy when returning to Warstock Cache and Carry are modifications.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - How to access the vehicle?

Once purchased, to access your new vehicle you will have to go to the Nightclub that you had bought first, you can get here by following the blue icon of the garage marked on the map. Select the Terrorbyte garage from the list and you will be transported to the room in which it is located.

Already in front of you you can get into the cabin to drive or climb the "Nerve Center" (the blue zone) from where you can control other aspects.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - How to customize it?

To customize the Terrorbyte, you will have to go to the Nightclub and get into the taxi but do not drive it, just press right on the D-Pad to access the customization menu that will allow you to alter various aspects of the vehicle.

Terrorbyte Guide in GTA Online - What the vehicle does?

  • Naturally, its main function is driving with an average speed of 75 MPH, although it can take time to reach this speed due to its enormous weight and you can only drive from the front cabin or going to the steel door in the Nervous Center.
  • Another of its functions is the mockery, which will allow you to scan other players from the cockpit and learn several aspects about them.

  • The blue touch screen in the center of the Nerve Center will allow you to initiate several missions including other jobs, not to mention the new range of jobs for Paige customers that you can access with the truck.
  • In your truck you can also access a closet in which you can store clothing, after all if you are going to live here you will have to have clothes.
  • If you don't like shooting through the windows, you can get the powerful $ 297,000 turret and control it from the Nervous Center.
  • You can also use the Multi-Lock Missile Battery that will allow you to set up to 5 targets at the same time. The trouble is that these missiles are a bit slow, and they strive to fix anything too close or low to the ground. It has been perfect for us to detonate airplanes and helicopters in the air.
  • The $ 815,000 Drone Station will allow you to fly a small remote control plane with the aim of watching around you. The drone is equipped with a paralyzing gun and if it is destroyed you will have to wait a few minutes for another drone to replace it.
  • The 245,000 weapons workshop will allow you to upgrade the selected weapons to "Mk 2" variants and unlock new options while doing so.
  • The 495,000 specialized workshop will allow you to update and store the Oppressor MK 2 flying motorcycle.

And this is our guide of Terrorbyte in GTA Online, we hope that now that you know everything about this vehicle you can get the most out of it with the guide of Terrorbyte in the game, we also hope that you can have the necessary money to be able to make all the modifications and customizations for in this way squeeze all its potential. We remind you that we have a lot of content about GTA Online and other titles that we recommend you review to keep you always up to date.
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