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Angel Marquez
2021-01-11 02:16:07

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We bring you a GTA 5 guide with the objective of telling you How to make an invisible car

What to know about an invisible car in GTA 5?

There is nothing more fun either to play alone or as a team than having an invisible car, this is part of a failure from which it is possible to get the best out of it, where we can count on the opportunity to participate and create favorable moments, in such a way that knowing how to make an invisible car part of our team only consists of being participants in this world of car theft.

How to get a car invisible in GTA 5?

It is necessary to follow some necessary steps to achieve it, and we will indicate it below:

  • We must recover the old map of GTA.
  • We open the creation menu.
  • We go to the option "go out to Gran Thef Auto V"
  • We select and pause, then go to the "Online" category of the menu.

We are going to select "invite to the only session" for which we touch A on Xbox, although it is also possible to press O and then press pause to go to Play GTA 5Online, in the case of PS press X.
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Once we have achieved it, we must send spam until the option "join GTA 5online" can appear, and this allows us to land on the old map of GTA 5 where the previous casino is, of course this is a task that can take a little time, like this that it is necessary to have some patients, in fact it is possible to notice that time may run out and this makes us have to repeat the process again to load it, however knowing that this process has been well done is easy because it only makes us have to visit the old casino and as soon as it loads we can continue.

The bugs are an element that appears in this game quite constantly, so it is not something strange, however, they can be even entertaining, in this way it will only be necessary to take the Mk II / Stromberg / Scramjet Oppressor and from here drive to the garage Arcade, for which it is necessary to accept and enter even when the room may be full, the most that can happen to us here is to be kicked out of Arcade, but nothing happens beyond there, we will only find ourselves with the car that is disappearing, but this will not last forever because we will see that our character can see again and the invisible vehicle during the entire session.

In this sense, where we are given the possibility of making the car invisible, it can also be used in other properties such as airplanes with which it is necessary to carry out this same process, only it will be necessary to use the Mammoth Avenger in addition to an installation and thus get to enjoy an invisible car, so that it is possible to reach a high speed.

Now that you know how to get a car invisible, it is time to apply it and in this way get more fun than we already have in GTA 5.

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